General Info

3+1 Study abroad Program

The 3+1 Study Abroad Program is a plan in which students study in an overseas university for at least 1 out of the total 4 semesters. The program has been intended to enhance the global mindset of GSIAS students. Student can study at one of our partner universities or any university that accepts visiting students.

International Program

GSIAS accepts the completion of up to 9 credits if a student does an internship at an international organization or overseas institution accredited by the Dean of the graduate school - Korean Students - Students for EU Consortium Universities

Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is a system in which students of HUFS and an overseas sister university, based on an agreement on credit and student exchanges, study in the other university for a specific period of time and get their credits accepted by the university of their original affiliation.
- Exchange Student Program
- EU- Korea ICI Educational Cooperation Program

Visiting Program

Any Student who wants to study at HUFS can apply to this program, especially when your school is not affiliated with HUFS. You may apply directly for the Study Abroad Program with a reference of one of faculty members at your university. However, keep in mind that you are responsible for inquiring with your Study Abroad advisor as to whether you can obtain credits for the studies you will undertake at HUFS.


GSIAS has strong partnership with universities around the world to arrange various programs for students

Student Letters

These letters are real postscripts of students who experienced International programs from GSIAS.