3+1 Student Dispatch Program

A student who has accumulated the requisite credits is eligible to study at a foreign university for one semester and receive a dispatch scholarship. Students who have studied for one semester on the master’s degree program at HUFS can apply for the 3+1 Student Dispatch Program in their second semester and, if successful, can receive the scholarship in their third semester. (This does not apply to fourth semester students, Korean studies students, and overseas students.) A student can receive a dispatch program scholarship only once over the duration of his/her MA course. Any student selected for the dispatch program who quits whilst studying abroad is not able to apply for the program again and has to pay the scholarship back to the school.


Every March and September
Dispatching countries and target universities are selected in consultation with the student’s head of department.

Admission documents

Study Abroad Application Form (must be signed by the Department Chair)


Selected students receive a dispatch scholarship that enables him/her to pay in full or in part the tuition costs of the foreign university.


Students who study at a foreign university which is more expensive than HUFS are given the total tuition of HUFS. Students who study at a foreign university which is cheaper than HUFS are given a half of the tuition fees of HUFS. A department can support two students in one semester to the tune of half of the tuition fees at HUFS.

Credit approval

A dispatch student is expected to select to study in the/a country their major language is spoken. The student is expected to take course of the graduate school of the foreign university and, where appropriate, advanced undergraduate courses. foreign language and area studies A student should take approved major foreign language and area studies courses equivalent to at least three credits up to a maximum of nine credits.
* A dispatch scholarship student is not eligible to receive another scholarship such as for grade achievement.