Internship Program

GSIAS accepts the completion of up to 9 credits if a student does an internship at an international organization or overseas institution accredited by the Dean of the graduate school. Major internship projects, including those at Embassies and Legations abroad and executed under the auspices of the GSIAS and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, are carried out by study abroad students at various overseas institutions

Domestic Institutions : Embassies and legations abroad Internship

1) Sponsorship Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT)
2) Program content According to agreement of HUFS and Ministry of Foreign and Trade, HUFS students selected as interns for Koeran Embassies in other countires can obtain internship credits through the internship program.
3) Dispatch period six months
4) Application period Please refer to the ministry website
5) Contact MOFAT (http://www.mofat.go.kr)

KOTRA Internship

1) Sponsorship HUFS and KOTRA            
2) Program content HUFS select superior students (undergraduate and graduate students) and dispatch them KOTRA as an intern during six months.
3) Dispatch period about six months
4) Application period April/ October.
5) Contact HUFS International Affairs team (http://www.hufs.ac.kr/user/interex)

Program for cultivating youth foreign trade capacity

1) Sponsorship the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Korea International Trade Association      
2) Program content Select youth talented students among graduate school students and train them with in service education and dispatch them to overseas located corporations in America, Europe, Japan, China, East south Asia and Latin America and do overseas training related to commerce..
3) Dispatch period six to eight months
4) Application period April to May/ October to November
5) Contact the Korea International Trade Association trade academy homepage (www.tradecampus.com) Department of train planning (02-6000-5969)