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Ph.D, Marketing, University of Iowa
MS, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University
BS, Management and Economics, Aomori Public University


경력 및 활동
2016 - Present Assistant Professor of Marketing at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
2013 - 2015 Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg


Consumer Behavior (Price, Information Processing, Healthcare)


- Kwon, J., Seo, Y., and Ko, D. (2016), "The ES-IF Matching(Entity-Symbolic Versus Incremental-Functional) Model," Journal of Advertising, 1- 13. (SSCI)

- Ko, D., Seo, Y., and Jung, S. (2015), “The Influence of Cultural Congruence on Perceived Risk and Trust in Online-Purchase Decisions: Processing Fluency as a Mediator,” Marketing Letters, 26(3),377-390.(SSCI)

- Kim, H., Ko, D., and Jung, S. (2015), "What Do You Want to Eat for Your Dinner? Consumers' Restaurant Choice and Marketing Strategy," Journal of Global Business Research, 27(2), 1-10.

- Han, J, Ko, D., and Urmie, J.M. "The role of satisfaction and switching costs in Medicare Part D (SSCI)

학술대회 발표논문
- Annual Research Meeting, Academy Health(2016, Boston), "Medicare Beneficiaries' Non-switching Behavior and Social Exclusion."

- Global Fashion Management Conference (2015, Florence, Italy), “Targeting ‘Right’ Luxury Brand Messages to ‘Right’ Consumers : New Insights from the Implicit Self-Theories.”

- Academy of Business Research (2015, New Orleans, L), “Medicare Beneficiaries’Non-switching Behavior and Social Exclusion.”

- Society for Consumer Psychology (2014, Miami, FL), “What Drives Individual Purchase Decisions in a Network: Consumer Motivation Approach.”

- EMAC, KSMS & GAMMA Joint Symposium (2013, Istanbul, Turkey), “ The Influence of Cultural Congruence on Perceived Risk and Trust in Online-Purchase Decision: Processing Fluency as a Mediator.”


학회 주요 활동
- AcademyHealth
- Association for Consumer Research
- Society for Consumer Psychology
- American Marketing Association

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