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02-2173-2414 (연구실 사이버관 506)



PhD, Marketing, University of Iowa, 2012

MA, Statistics, Columbia University of New York, 2007

BA, Business Administration, Seoul National University, 1998

경력 및 활동

2020-present 경영대학원 부원장 (Associate Dean for Graduate School of Business)

2019-present Applied Data Science Center, Head

2014-present Associate Professor of Marketing, HUFS

2012-2014 Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Auckland



Big Data Analytics, Text Analytics, Social Media, Social Network"


주제별 논문

- Ryan Choi, Taewan Kim, and Sang-Uk Jung (2018), "Sustainable Decision Making for a Retailer’s Store Brand Product," Sustainability.


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- Sang-Uk Jung, Thomas Gruca, and Lopo Rego (2010), “Excess Loyalty in CPG Markets: A Comprehensive Examination,” Journal of Empirical Generalisations in Marketing Science.


Working Paper

- "Identifying High Value Customers in a Network: Individual Characteristics Versus Social Influence," Sang-Uk Jung, Qin Zhang, and Gary J. Russell, under review at Marketing Letters.


 - "Do Product Domains Influence Dynamics of Friendship Networks and Purchase Behaviors?" under review at Marketing Science.


 - "Demand Shaping in Online Auction Markets," Ravi Bapna, Paolo Goes, Sang-Uk Jung, and Arvind Tripathi


 - "Neighborhood Effect in Charitable Giving," Sang-Uk Jung and Qin Zhang

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