College of Natural Sciences

As an educational and research institution in the natural sciences, basic science for the national competitiveness in the 21st century, the College of Natural Sciences at HUFS consists of majors in Mathematics, Information Statistics, Electronic Physics, Environmental Science, Bioscience and Biotechnology, and Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Based on a deep understanding of nature and the university education required by today’s information and knowledge-based society, the College of Natural Sciences produces talented manpower generating synergy between nature and humans, as well as between people, creating values for the future.

Cultivating the Talented Manpower Required by Knowledge-based Society Setting its educational philosophy as cultivating open-minded and enterprising human resources based on creative analytical skills and rational thinking, the College of Natural Sciences focuses on training the qualified science professionals required by the future knowledge-based society through proactive cooperation and affiliation with related fields based in pure basic science. The curriculum is designed to improve adaptability to high-tech applied sciences through systematic inter-relations among departments in the College of Natural Sciences. It also promotes excellent foreign language abilities, a HUFS signature strength, to develop students into globalized talents. To this end, some classes are conducted in English, and international professors renowned in their fields have been recruited to present lectures.