Extracurricular Activities

The Model United Nations General Assembly The Model United Nations General Assembly is one of the long-established traditions of HUFS, since its first introduction in 1959 by the student society of the Model United Nations. The Assembly has developed into a pan-university academic event which attracts outside attention and participation from other prestigious universities such as Seoul, Yonsei, Korea and Ewha. The Model Assembly is held annually, emulating the actual framework of the UN General Assembly. The Model Assembly adopts and discusses various agenda items that promote the UN ideals of "liberty, equality and fraternity" to further world peace and security of human-kind. The 28th Assembly held on May 28, 2004 proved to be a particularly poignant event with a North Korean representative appearing on the promotion poster.

International Film Festival The International Film Festival screens a choice of independent movies from all over the world. The Festival showcases the aspirations of the Third World to preserve its identity against the domination of Hollywood that occupies 80% of the world movie market. Especially, the late night screenings in the open-air theater are welcomed not only by students but also by the local community.

World Folklore Festival The World Folklore Festival is an exciting event in which participants perform native songs and dances in ethnic outfits of different countries. The festival serves as an occasion to delight in the dances, songs and cultures of diverse countries. The event is sometimes held outdoors at Daehakro (College Street), the center of the youth culture, or at the KBS Event Hall and draws much interest from the public. Other than the main performances, ancillary programs such as the "World Food Show" and "World Music" enliven the festive mood. It extends an important opportunity to share "ethnic experiences" with the local community.

HUFS World Cup Since its launch in 1981, the HUFS World Cup has been hosted annually by the Football Club for 24 consecutive years. Players display their youthful energy while fighting for the honor of their departments. All HUFS students support their favorite teams and revel in the festive mood and a heightened sense of belonging.

Student Clubs HUFS actively supports the activities of approximately 78 student clubs on the Seoul Campus and 59 on the Yongin Campus. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of club activities ranging from academics, performance, arts, religion to sports.