Department Overview




Study Abroad Programs

1. HUFS - Temple University Dual Master's Degree Program


The Graduate School of TESOL at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS; Seoul, Korea) and the College of Education at Temple University (Temple; Philadelphia, PA, USA) currently operate a dual Master’s degree program.


Students begin the program by completing four required courses (first semester) at HUFS, then completing six required courses at Temple (second and third semesters), and finally returning to HUFS to take an additional two courses and write a thesis or portfolio (fourth and fifth semesters). Note that those who are required to take prerequisite courses need an additional semester at HUFS at the beginning of the program.


      Detailed requirements for each school are as follows:

Ÿ         HUFS

  • Registration for 3 semesters
  • 12 credits
  • Thesis or portfolio


Ÿ         Temple

  • Registration for 2 semesters
  • 19 credits
  • Comprehensive exam


Application and admission

Initial admissions to the dual Master’s degree program will be handled by HUFS. Students are eligible to apply for the program once they begin their studies at HUFS. Detailed information about the selection procedure will be announced at the beginning of each semester.



2. Semester Study Abroad at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Eligible students can participate in a one-semester study abroad program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Credits earned at UH can be transferred to HUFS. During the semester of study at UH, students pay UH tuition fees but not GS TESOL HUFS tuition fees.



  •       Those who complete at least two semesters in the GS TESOL at HUFS
  •       Those who successfully achieve a G.P.A. of 4.0 or higher
  •       Those who achieve a total score of 100 or higher on the IBT TOEFL


3. Internship Program

GS TESOL students can participate in the overseas internship programs offered by the TESOL Professional Education Center at HUFS.

  • Internship at San Diego State University: Students can take part in the internship programs at San Diego State University, which run for three weeks.
  • Internship at the University of Hawaii: Students can participate in the internship programs at the University of Hawaii, which run for three weeks.