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제목 : [Announce] 2021-1 Graduation thesis writing guidance in Business Administration 글쓴이 : 경영학부
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Graduation thesis writing guidance in Business Administration, HUFS


 ※Required reading ※

1. In order to make the graduation thesis work more smoothly, the form has been restricted from this semester.
 All the documents (ex.Graduation thesis plan, graduation thesis, thesis review form, proof of completion of 10 courses etc.) must be submitted by pdf or jpg file.
If you attach files such as word and hwp to Google form, we often have difficulties due to errors, so please understand we have no choice but to do this.
2. Final submission is available only for graduates in August 2021.
Everyone who has more than seven semesters can be examined, but final submission is only allowed for graduates in August 2021.
If you have been examined before your graduation semester, you can submit it to your graduation semester.
ex) If a student who has been examined in the 2020-2 semester graduates in the 2021-1 semester, submit the thesis integration form that was examined last time during the final submission period of the 2021-1 semester.





O Feel proud to be a member of the HUFS and follow the Code of ethics of the Department of Business Studies.


O We highly encourage you to rephrase or paraphrase your work in your own words.


O You are not allowed to copy-and-paste original ideas or tables, diagrams, data and results from existing researches.


o Irresponsible acts such as plagiarism will result in rejection of your paper. Your adviser will report the case to the dean of Department and the Ethics Committee - including the dean of Department - may consider disapproving your graduation.



II. Procedures and Schedule for Graduation Thesis (Undergraduate Dissertation)


1. Specific Schedule

Submit Thesis plan – google form( :  4/5-4/16

Advising professors are assigned to students and examination schedule will be posted on the Business School homepage : 4/19 - 4/23

The first thesis review session : 4/26 - 4/30 (Unface-to-face/face-to-face depending on professor)

The second (and the last) thesis review session. : 5/3 - 5/7 (Unface-to-face/face-to-face depending on professor)

Extra review session (for those who cannot attend the first and second review sessions) : 5/10 - 5/14 (Unface-to-face/face-to-face depending on professor)

Submit Final Thesis to the Business Office: 5/17 - 5/21


- Graduation thesis presentation will be online because of the corona virus.

Please check the file attached on this post.


2. Graduation Thesis Plan


 o Graduation thesis is for students who major in business administration as their First and Second major and also have enrolled in more than or equal to seven semesters


 o The graduation thesis plan should, in the most cases, fill out all the details using the form posted on the Business Admininstration homepage (Only A4 1 page, summarize if longer)


 o Select your 'research field' that best describes your research interest. It is used in assigning your advising professor. (If you select a research field that seems irrelevant to your work, it will be re-assigned. Contact the BA office for any questions)


 o Table of Contents and Summary should be briefly written so that it shows the overall outline


o Submit a graduation thesis plan online → Google Form survey ( and a file attached to the top must be submitted in Google Form no.9


3. Assigning your advising professor


O In the most cases, your advising professor will be assigned who is most relevant to your research field.

(*Some other advising professor can be assigned when there are too many students in a single field.)


O The first and second review session will be conducted by the same advising professor. The second review session is conducted after your revision of the first review feedback.


O Which advising professor was assigned and what his/her review session schedule is will be uploaded on the homepage of Business school a week after the Thesis plan submission deadline period.

Please check the notice on the homepage. (It will not be notified individually)


O A graduate-to-be (someone who is expected to graduate soon) must check the review session schedule of your advising professor. Also, review sessions are only to be held on scheduled dates.


O In case where you cannot make the adviser’s schedule, you must arrange a separate meeting with the adviser prior to the review session through the previously announced contact information.

Do not visit your adviser’s lab without prior appointment or call him/her by their contact information, unexpectedly.



4.  Plagiarism test


O Before the first review, you should conduct a plagiarism test by yourself. The result paper of the plagiarism test and thesis must be submitted together.


O Use this free plagiarism test program ( and ( Submit plagiarism test result paper.


O The plagiarism rate must be below 30%. Otherwise, you will fail.



5. 1st, 2nd review& extra review period (Unface-to-face/face-to-face depending on professor)


O The 1st review period is the fixed week after Graduation Thesis Plan submission period. The 2nd review period is the week after the 1st review period.


O As a rule, it is required to receive the 2nd review after the 1st review.


O Before 1st review, you must print out attaced forms . After filling them out, request your 1st review to your adviser. You should attach these forms to the front page of thesis.

*forms: 졸업논문_표지Graduation thesis_cover

       졸업논문_제출__승인서 Graduation thesis approval

       졸업논문심사결과_보고서Graduation Thesis Advising Report


O If the review is not complete during the 1st and 2nd review sessions, you should complete your review during the extra review period.


O Thesis evaluation criteria (Acceptance criteria must be at least 3 points for all 3 items)

*Each item has a perfect score of 4.

- a global mindset

- innovative problem-solving

- ethical leadership


In the case of thesis review, non-face-to-face/face-to-face may vary depending on the professor.


6. Final Submission Graduation Thesis 


O As a rule, the graduation thesis must be submitted during the final submission period


O After you have taken the second review session, and before you submit your documents to the office, you MUST upload to google form (( with a compressed file attached to it (including these: Scanned pdf file of Graduation thesis_cover, Graduation thesis approval, Graduation Thesis Advising Report & Thesis)

  -Name of compressed file: ex) 2020-2_201101001(student ID)_Your name  



O Required documents: Thesis, Graduation thesis_ cover, Graduation thesis approval, Graduation Thesis Advising Report

O As a rule, if you submit after the Final Thesis deadline, we will Not receive them Except for specific reasons accepted by the Curriculum Committee including the vice dean of Business School. (If you are taking employment training, then someone else should submit it on behalf of you. We do not accept Postages)

  O When submitting your thesis during the final thesis submission period, please tell us whether you took all 10 mandatory courses. Therefore, it is recommended that you check it through HUFS Web Information System before submitting thesis in advance.


III. Graduation thesis form 


- Please note that file attached Graduation thesis presentation


O The graduation thesis follows the form specified by the Business School:

 - MS Word

- Font: Clearly Gothic (맑은 고딕)

- Font Size: 11pt

- Line Spacing: 1

If,  you can't use MS word program, you can use Hancom Office(한글) program.

In this case, Font Size 10, Line Spacing 160


However, at the end of the submission, the entity shall convert the submission into a PDF file.


o How much to write may vary depending on the individual’s subject. (recommended amount of thesis: Around 20 pages(한글 Hancom Office), 30 pages(MS Word), not including the reference.) 


o An example of how to write with respect to research methods.

 For the thesis, the followings are included:

I. Introduction

II. Theoretical Background  

III. Methodology

IV. Results

V. Conclusions & Implications

VI. References 

For the case study, the following are included:

I. Introduction

II. Theoretical backgrounds / Frame of Analysis

III. A Case Analysis IV. Conclusions & Implications

V. References

(One or two cases need to be analyzed in depth)


o You will not pass the Review session if your work is shown in a class assignment form or if you use PowerPoint. You must write according to the research paper form of Business Administration.


o You should write the Graduation Thesis by using a methodology that is explainable by your own words. If the methodology seems too advanced for undergraduate level, we may suspect plagiarism issues. If plagiarism is verified, your graduation will be cancelled.


IV. FAQ on graduation thesis.


Q : I have no time to participate in the graduation thesis review session as my employment is confirmed. What should I do?

A : You cannot replace your graduation thesis with something else just because you have been employed. As noticed, you need to contact your advising professor and proceed an individual review session. If you do not pass a graduation thesis review, you will not graduate. In case you cannot participate in the review session because of job interview and so on, then someone else can participate on behalf of you if permitted by your professor.


Q : I want to postpone my graduation. What should I do?

A1 : If you have not submitted your reviewed paper to the BA office (C503), You can submit it to the next semester’s Final Thesis submission. No additional forms or applications are necessary. (There is no need to write a new Graduation Thesis)

A2 : If you have already submitted your reviewed paper to the BA office (C503), visit the BA office and take back your Graduation Thesis again and fill out a postponing document. After that, like A1, you can submit a reviewed paper the next semester.


. Issuing the Certificate of Graduation Thesis

O For various reasons such as graduate school, you can issue a certificate for the Graduation thesis passed if necessary

O In addition to this graduation thesis, you can also issue the previously passed thesis.

 So if you want to isuue a certificate, please contact the BA office.


 You should use attached files. These forms are also uploaded to the 자료실(Documents) of Business School homepage.

Homepage ( - 경영학부 홈페이지 - 경영대학경영대학원 – 경영학부 - 자료실


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  2. [졸업논문양식] 졸업논문 표지 통합 양식 (Graduation Thesis Form - Cover, Approval, Advising Report) 

  3. [졸업논문계획서 안내] (Graduation thesis presentation - How to Write a Graduation Thesis?)



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