Institute History of Organization

List of Successive Directors

Term of Office Directors
1990-1992 Prof. Shin, Hyon Kil
1993-1994 Prof. Chung, In Keun
1995-1997 Prof. Kim, Seong Jae
1998-2000 Prof. Lee, Myoung Ho
2001-2002 Prof. Lee, John Hearn
2003-2004.08 Prof. Lee, Jong Wook
2004.09-2006.02 Prof. Cho, Chang Youn
2006.03-2008.02 Prof. Lee, Jong Wook
2008.03-2009.08 Prof. Kwun Seog Kyeun
2009.09-2011.07 Prof. Park, Jin Woo
2011.07-2013.07 Prof. Chae, Myung Su
2013.08-2015.07 Prof. Kim, Joongwha
2015.08-2017.07 Prof. Cho, Nam Shin
Prof. Nam, Gi Seok
2019.03-2019.08 Yoo, Taeyoung
2019.09-Current Lew, Yong Kyu


Institute is organized of researchers, research fellows, and graduate school students(either master or doctoral)
Human Resources : Invited lectures by CEO, IT Seminars, Improvement of curriculum(Undergraduate, Graduate)
Educational Consignment & Research : Academic research
Cooperative research & Academic Support : MIS research, Business management research, Research data management, Institute operations