Since its foundation in 1954, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) has always been known as the best foreign language education institute in Korea. Now, HUFS teaches 45 foreign languages at the two campuses and by educational exchange with more than 400 foreign education institutes in 86 countries, HUFS has not only become the passage for Korean and foreign university students to communicate, but also is contributing to globalization of Korea.

Especially, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program at HUFS, where it cultivates teachers who teach one of the most important foreign language in the 21st century, English, has been started on the basis of solid professionalism and is now grown as the standout program among many domestic and foreign TESOL programs. Lots of English education specialists have been trained through this program for more than 10 years and now they are actively working in various English education related fields. I sincerely hope that you will realize your dream of becoming the English education specialist at HUFS like others. Thank you.

The President of HUFS Park Jeong Woon



HUFS is the best foreign language education institution in Korea, with a history spanning nearly 60 years. In addition, English education for those who are not native English speakers or have TESOL experience is surely the most advanced at HUFS. Those highly-qualified workers who learned foreign languages at HUFS for the past 60 years played a key role in developing Korea as a strong trading country in the world despite our lack of resources. Graduates of HUFS, where 45 foreign languages are taught (the third most in the world), act as true civilian ambassadors who represent Korea all over the world, including Asia, North America, and Europe, as well as South America and Africa. Those who study TESOL at HUFS will also become professional English teachers who breathe the world into their hearts.

HUFS teaches TESOL at its best. Through the classes that are taught by faculty members in the regular Master’s or Doctorate courses at HUFS, you will get excellent professional training. Through an internship in the U.S., you will be born again as an even better teacher by adjusting theories and reality, as well as have unique cultural experiences.

HUFS will do our best to develop you into a great teacher in a short period of five months, which includes your dedicated effort. HUFS will maximally encourage and help you. In other words, through special seminars from English education scholars, some of whom are world-renowned, and through the invitational lectures of superior domestic English teachers, many of whom participate in the National English teachers teaching competition hosted by HUFS, we will help you see and grow.

In foreign language education, HUFS, the best secondary education institution in Korea, introduces regular Master’s and Doctorate programs for TESOL with specialized courses, and helps you to connect into a Master’s or a Doctorate program as much as possible.

I expect that you will be born again as an English education professional through the TESOL program at HUFS.

Thank you.

The Director of TESOL Professional Education Center
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Doctor of Theatre History, Jungman Park