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제목 : Faculty Position Announcement for Fall 2018(Foreign Faculty) 글쓴이 : 교무행정팀
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Faculty Position Announcement for Fall 2018(Foreign Faculty)


1. Job Openings by Departments and Specializations

 1) Seoul Campus

College of Occidental LanguagesDepartment of German1German Conversation
Department of Dutch1Dutch Studies
College of Asian Languages & Cultures Department of Malay-Indonesian1Indonesian-Malay Language
Department of Thai1Thai Language/Literature
Department of Vietnamese1Linguistics
College of ChineseDivision of Chinese Language, Literature and Culture2Chinese Language & Literature
College of EducationDepartment of Chinese Education1Chinese Language & Literature
Division of International Studies1English, Culture




 2) Global Campus (Yong-in)

College of Interpretation and TranslationDepartment of Spanish Interpretation and Translation1Spanish Conversation
Department of Chinese Interpretation and Translation1Chinese Linguistics and Literature
Department of Thai Interpretation and Translation2Thai Literature and Linguistics
College of Central and East European StudiesDepartment of Polish1Linguistics
Department of Czech and Slovak Studies2Czech Linguistics and Literature(1)
Slovak Linguistics and Literature(1)
Department of Hungarian1Hungarian for foreigner
College of International and Area StudiesDepartment of Brazilian Studies2Brazilian Portugues
Division of African Studies 2Area Studies in Southern Africa(1)
Swahili Language and Literature(1)
Department of Russian Studies1Russian Language


3) Graduate School

Graduate School of Interpretation and TranslationDepartment of Korean-French 1Conference Interpretation and Translation
Law School 1U.S. Law


2. How to Apply

 ○ To submit the required application documents : 

  ⇒ Contact the department with the job opening of your academic interest for all inquiries including the due date for the application and the

       general questions about the application documents.

      Please refer to the contact information at the end of this announcement.

  ※ Application documents should be submitted by mid May, 2018. The exact due date varies by departments.

  ※ The duration of contract is one year. The department may consider an extended contract for up to three years on the basis of strict

      evaluation of each applicant. Note that every contract is renewable at the time of termination.


3. Qualifications

 ○ A doctoral degree is required; applicants with terminal master’s degrees can apply if and only if they fulfill more than 2 years teaching

    experience at colleges.


4. Research Grant for the Foreign Faculty at HUFS

 ○ Research grants and incentives are provided for academic publications in renowned domestic or international journals. HUFS offers

    additional rewards for the faculty publication in prominent* international academic journals. Note that HUFS encourages the faculty to

    publish their papers in SCI(E)-indexed journals with stronger financial rewards.

     * Prominent journals are listed on the database published by the Institute for Scientific Information, Inc. (ISI)


5. Accommodations

 ○ Foreign professors who are affiliated with undergraduate departments:

    University residences are provided in two types, i.e. single room studio or family suite.

 ○ Faculty at the Foreign Language Education Center:

    Housing subsidies, instead of university residences, are provided.


6. Contact


Seoul Campus

 - Department of German : 02-2173-2283

 - Department of Dutch : 02-2173-2288

 - Department of Malay-Indonesian : 02-2173-2298

 - Department of Thai : 02-2173-2299

 - Department of Vietnamese : 02-2173-2300

 - Division of Chinese Language, Literature and Culture : 02-2173-2296 

 - Department of Chinese Education : 02-2173-3236

 - Division of International Studies : 02-2173-3315

 - Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation

   · Department of Korean-French : 02-2173-2435

 - Law School : 02-2173-2463


Global Campus(Yong-in)

 - Department of Spanish Interpretation and Translation : 031-330-4210

 - Department of Chinese Interpretation and Translation : 031-330-4232

 - Department of Thai Interpretation and Translation : 031-330-4240

 - Department of Polish : 031-330-4216

 - Department of Czech and Slovak Studies : 031-330-4220

 - Department of Hungarian : 031-330-4222

 - Department of Brazilian Studies : 031-330-4212

 - Division of African Studies : 031-330-4242

 - Department of Russian Studies : 031-330-4208




Hankuk University of Foreign Studies


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