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제목 : 2019-2 TESOL전문교육원 특강 안내 글쓴이 : TESOL
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TESOL전문교육원에서는 아래와 같이 특강을 개설하오니 수강생 여러분의 많은 관심 바랍니다.


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1. 수업 일시 

Educational Technology: 20191122() 19:00~20:30

Introducing Peer Review Circles: 20191126() 13:30-15:00


2. 대 상: 2019학년도 2학기 과정생


3. 특강 주제 및 강사

Educational Technology by Edward Povey

: This special seminar covers the educational uses of smartphones, new multimedia technology, and digital services. Participants will be shown how to set up these new systems and how to integrate them into their teaching. Practical demonstrations and techniques are included.

Introducing Peer Review Circles by Todd Jobbitt

: Peer Review Circles (PRCs) are an interactive peer review task (TBLT) that requires students to engage with and present about another’s work in an effort to assist the writer. They are an attempt to lift the common practice of literature circles used in first language literature classes into TESOL / additional language learning (ALL). All four skills are engaged writing of their own work (pre-class); reading and evaluating peers’ writing; speaking and listening about it in a variety of genres Monolog, Dialog, and multi-party Discussion an MDD cycle). Finally, the PRC ends with and individually written summary-reflection of what was said and learned in the PRC. PRCs are a way to have writers move beyond the stilted 'partner exchange peer review' found in most writing textbooks and to actually reflect both verbal and written feedback given by peers. This lecture will feature a 'mock' PRC, so no essay writing needs to be completed; the teacher will provide all materials.


4. 강의실 : 본관 705


5. 수강신청: 첨부파일을 작성하여 교육원 (으로 E-mail 발송


6. 신청 기한: 20191120() 까지

* 신청기한 엄수*






TESOL Professional Education Center is offering special lectures for HUFS TESOL students.


1. Date& Time:

Educational Technology: 2019. 11. 22 (Fri) 19:00~20:30

Introducing Peer Review Circles: 2019. 11. 26. (Tue) 13:30-15:00


2. Offered for: 2019-2 HUFS TESOL Students


3. Location: Room #705, Main Building


4. How to apply: Please send an email to the HUFS TESOL ( with the attached file.


5. Application deadline: 2019. 11. 20 (Wed)



Thank you.

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