TESOL전문교육원 교수진

Jungman Park / 원장 박정만교수

직위Director of HUFS TESOL

Ph.D., Theatre History, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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Jungman Park is Professor of School of English for Interpretation and Translation, at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea. His research interests include theatre history (Western and Korean), modern British and American drama, cultural studies on American national identity, text-context interplays in theatre and drama, and historico-cultural reading of texts. His publications have appeared in Asian Theatre Journal, Kritika Kultura, Korean Theatre Studies, Journal of Modern British and American Drama, Journal of American Studies, Journal of British and American Studies, Journal of English Language and Language, and Shakespeare Reviews.

Scott SmithScott Smith
직위REGULAR TESOL Coordinator/Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력MA TESOL, SIT - Graduate Institute
소개Hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA), Scott has sixteen years of language education and teacher training experience in the United States, Indonesia, Japan, and Korea. Currently, he works as an Assistant Professor for the Graduate School of Education, and serves as the HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs Coordinator. In the certificate program, Scott is also the coordinator for the 4 Skills and Young Learners Listening and Speaking courses. In addition to earning an MA in TESOL degree from The School for International Training, Scott has actively pursued professional development by giving presentations at academic conferences around the world and publishing books for both American and Korean companies, to include Pearson Education and Pro Lingua Associates. His research interests include scaffolding authentic listening tasks, developing and implementing enacted curricula, and identifying ways to maximize opportunities for meaningful communication.
Edward PoveyEdward Povey
직위YL-TESOL Coordinator/Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.A in TESOL, Lancaster University
소개Originally from England, Edward gained an interest in teaching from providing digital animation and music technology workshops for children. He then went on to teach English for tourism and business in Barcelona, Spain, after completing a TESOL Cert. certified by London Trinity College. Having previously worked at Seoul National University of Education, Edward is interested in all aspects of teacher training, especially integrating digital multimedia in the classroom. Edward has co-authored an elementary school textbook with Chunjae publishing and has made contributions to several textbooks by Doosan publishing. He works for the Graduate School and teaches several classes for the TESOL program, including TESOL Multimedia and TESOL for Young Learners
Todd Jobbitt Todd Jobbitt
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.A. in Education, SIT - Graduate Institute
소개From Sacramento, California (USA), Todd has spent nearly twelve years teaching EFL and TESOL related coursesrelated to K-12, undergraduate and graduate students in Korea. Within the Graduate School of Education at HUFS, Todd typically teaches Listening Practice, English Writing, and Culture, while teaching 4 Skills, TESOL Methodology, Young Learners TESOL Methodology, Young Learners Storytelling, and Young Learners Listening and Speakingin HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs. Todd's teaching and research interests include writing, phrasal verbs use and production for young learners, andwriting primer books for young learners.
James Brawn James Brawn
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.Ed., University of Texas
소개Originally from Portsmouth, New Hampshire (USA), James has over fifteen years of teaching experience, over ten years of materials development and curriculum design experience and over five years of teacher training experience. He currently works in the Graduate School of Education at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. For the HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs, James is the coordinator for Materials Development, Young Learners Materials Development, and 2+4+1 Materials Development courses. He is also an affiliated faculty member with World Learning/SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont (USA). His publications include four storybooks in the Ready Action series by E*Public, andTESOL Methods: Principles and Practice by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Press. James has also written over 100 children stories for, and helped design their offline reading program. His research interests include materials development, teacher training, and composition.
Steven Adoranti Steven Adoranti
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.A. in TESOL, Univ. of New England
소개Steven is an applied linguist and specialist in foreign language pedagogy (M.A. Applied Linguistics). He is originally from Canada and has been a language teacher and teacher trainer at the university level in South Korea for more than 10 years. In the Graduate School of TESOL at HUFS, Steven teaches a variety of courses including Second Language Acquisition, Lesson Design, Teaching English Grammar, Writing for Academic Purposes, and Creation of Multimedia Elements. Steven's professional interests are in the area of phonetics/phonology as well as how technology can be used to supplement and enhance language learning.
Andrew William Prosser Andrew William
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.Ed. in TESOL and Educational Technology, University of Manchester
소개Andrew works as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English Education at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. In the HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs, Andrew teaches 4 Skills, Culture, and Materials Development courses. Andrew's qualifications include a Masters degree in Educational Technology and TESOL from the University of Manchester, as well as a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College, London. He is also a qualified Cambridge CELTA teacher trainer. Andrew's research interests include integrating synchronous computer chat tools in language teaching, developing learning management system platforms, and building and exploiting electronic corpora in the classroom.
errilee Brinegar Merrilee Brinegar
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.A. in Educational Technology, University of Southern Queensland
소개Originally from Texas (USA), Merrilee has been teaching in Korea at the university level for eight years. Her qualifications include a Masters degree in Educational Technology, and she is currently an online instructor for Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. In addition to teaching Testing and Young Learners Listening and Speaking for the HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs, she also teaches courses for the Graduate School of TESOL and the Graduate School of Education at HUFS, with a focus on the importance of material development and the practical side of teaching. Merrilee's professional interests involve aspects of online and blended learning environments, particularly with respect to methods that can be used to increase interaction, learning, efficiency and learner satisfaction.
errilee Brinegar Hyunjin Chi
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력M.A. in Education, Portland State University

Taught in public elementary and secondary schools in Oregon and Arizona, USA for eleven years, Hyunjin deeply appreciates her in vivo experience in the company of students and wants to share her passion and skills for teaching with pre-service teachers. After returning to Korea in 2016, she has been teaching Young Learners Literacy and Project Learning for the HUFS TESOL Certificate Programs. She also teaches practical and general English courses for Fareast university students as an assistant professor. She believes in learner-centered and active participation teaching approach which makes learning fun and relevant.  Education is a shared journey!

errilee Brinegar Ji Won Lee
직위Professor, HUFS TESOL
학력B.A. in Applied Linguistics, University of Victoria
M.A. in English Education, Ewha Womans University.
소개Ji Won lived most of her life in Canada before moving to Seoul, Korea. She has a B.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Victoria, and an M.A. in English Education from Ewha Womans University. She began her teaching career at a private elementary school in Canada. She taught English at different schools until she joined the Communicative English Department at HUFS in 2010. In addition to teaching Communicative English, she also teaches a course for the HUFS YL TESOL Certificate Program with a focus on Teaching Young Learners Listening and Speaking and TEE. With more than 10 years’ experience, she is adept in classroom instruction, planning and testing. She has a solid educational foundation and a passion for teaching English. Her professional goal is to provide her students with the necessary tools and confidence to communicate in English in academic and casual settings.