International Relations Track

Introduction to International Relations (Conceptual Approaches)
Introduction to International Relations (Theoretical Approaches)
Introduction to Political Science
National Security
Human security
International Organizations
Global Governance and Political Economy
Theory and Practice of Public Diplomacy
Global Governance and NGOs
Great Powers in International Relations
Small-Medium Powers in International Relations
International Relations in Asia
Chinese Politics and Diplomacy
Korean Politics and Diplomacy
European Politics and Diplomacy


International Economics Track

Principles of Economics I
Principles of Economics II
International Trade
Balance of Payments
Investment and Finance
World Economy Seminar
International Economic Policy Seminar


International Law and Development Track

Introduction to Development Economics
Advanced Development Economics
Theory and Practice of Economic Development
Globalisation and Economic Development
Institution and Development
Introduction to Korean Law
International Public Law
Korean Economy and Law
FTA and Law
ODA and Law
International Organization and Law


Culture & Humanities and Language Track

Understanding Culture
Korean Culture and Globalisation
Humanities and Philosophy
Cultural Heritage and International Cooperation
English Debate and Presentation
Academic Writing for International Studies
Chinese Language for DIS Students
Korean Language for DIS Foreign Students