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Greetings, I am Geum Min Seop, the 14th president of the Division of International Studies (DIS) student council "SUM."

The DIS student council has been constantly striving for student welfare and friendship since its establishment in 2005. This student body, which consists of only DIS undergraduate students, is a democratic decision-making community. We have deliberated and reviewed various internal problems of the division, and endeavored to integrate local students and international students with diverse cultural values.

Also, although the total number of student body members was insufficient compared to other colleges, it was established as a member of the Central Management Committee of the General Student Council (GSC) with the strong efforts of the senior student presidents. As a result, the DIS student council delivered the voices of the DISians to the GSC.

Furthermore, it has greatly contributed to train DIS students to international figures more than any college in HUFS, the leader of the global era.

The DIS student council has established various institutions for more effective communication with the undergraduate students. It is comprised of a decision-making body that deliberates and decides all aspects of the DIS, an executive body that strives for the well-being and convenience of our undergraduate students, and an independent body that independently plans and enforces activities. This distribution of power alleviates the risk of a single person or a group of power monopolies, and also promotes more democratic decision-making by faculty members.

I believe that the members of this systematic student council will make great contributions to their community in the future as an international figure after finishing their undergraduate studies.

As the individualistic disposition has become stronger among students today, the sense of belonging to the "student society" is becoming increasingly ineffective. In this new social atmosphere, the DIS student council will be a student body that stays firmly in place by challenging endless efforts and attempts to make the right changes in the times.

14th Student President: Geum Minseop ( 010-7743-3294 )

14th Student Vice President: Moon Jahyeon ( 010-3016-8111 )