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Seventh International Conference on Construction Grammar (08/09/2012 ~ 08/12/2012)


THURSDAY, August 9, 2012



Registration & Reception (Room 801)




FRIDAY, August 10, 2012




Registration (Room 801)


Conference opening: Introductory remarks (Room 801)

Moderator: Chang-Bong Lee



(Room 801)

Benjamin Bergen: Three Ways Constructions Contribute to in Utterance Meaning

Moderator: Seongha Rhee


Lunch Break





Room 601 / Chair: Iksoo Kwon

Room 801 / Chair: Mikyung Ahn

Room B01 / Chair: Chongnan Chin

Irina Iakovleva: Russian pseudosynonymous verb-preposition constructions: semantics and acquisition

Seizi Iwata: Means or enablement? Another look at the way construction

Masaru Kanetani: Mechanisms When an Adverb Clause Modifies a Noun Phrase

Hyug Ahn: Constructions of Russian Verbs of Speaking: Categorization Using Argument Network

Mario A. Della Costanza: Is DOM one single phenomenon or is it two phenomena? Insights from Spanish

Irina Nikolaeva: Narrative Infinitive Construction in French and Latin

Julia Kuznetsova: Russian aspectual pairs established via Construction Grammar


Johan Pedersen: Secondary argument structure constructions – evidence from Spanish

Byong-Chang Kang: Synesthetic Linguistic Expressions: To What Extent Are They Metaphors?

Ducksoo Kang: Gerund System and Auxiliary Verb in Yakut

Fangqiong Zhan: The constructionalization of shì as a bound morpheme

Kyongjoon Kwon: The grammaticalization of the Korean inferential evidential marker –po


Coffee Break





Room 601 / Chair: Junghye Baik

Room 801 / Chair: Ji-Hyon Kim

Room B01 / Chair: Doo-Shick Kim

Gyuho Shin: On the Effectiveness of Argument Structure Constructions and Basic Verbs on Adult Korean Learners of English

Yan Sui: External Coercion (EC):From Pragmatic to Constructions

Kent Hill: The Socially Embedded and Dynamically Embodied Nature of Metonymy's Prototypicality

Katerina Veselovska: Subjective Frames: A Possible Extension of CxG Structures

Benjamin Lyngfelt et al: A Swedish Constructicon

Yi-Ting Chen: The constructional properties of directional verb compounds in Mandarin Chinese

Jaakko Leino: Areal distributions of verb alternations in Finnish dialects

Hidemitsu Takahashi: Compatibility between constructions

Tetsuya Kogusuri: Object Omission in English Resultative Constructions and the Concord-Shift Distinction

Chun-Chieh Wang: Language Use, Semantic Change, and the Expansion of Constructional Frame: Hyperbolic Constructions and their Emergence in Mandarin Chinese

Ali Safari & Gholam Hosein Karimi Doostan: The Causative Alternation and Frame Semantics in Persian

Fu Xie: The CG-based Approach to the analysis of two sentence patterns related to time category


Coffee Break



(Room 801)

Jong-Bok Kim: English Binominal NP Constructions: A Construction Grammar Approach

Moderator: HiJean Kim



SATURDAY, August 11, 2012




Registration (Room 801)



(Room 801)

Laura Michaelis: Know How via Construction: A Middle Ground between Procedural and Propositional Views of Knowledge Attribution

Moderator: Kyu-hyun Kim


Coffee Break




Room 601 / Chair: Junsuk Park

Room 101 / Chair: Hyug Ahn

Room B01 / Chair: Chang-Bong Lee

Huichen S. Hsiao & Chienju Lin: Constructing the Adjectival Potential Complement Constructions in Mandarin

Miryung Yun: X is not commonly but terribly Y: The Use of Adverb yeykan in the construction X-i yeykan Y-ci anta


Thomas Hoffmann: A Construction Grammar Account of English and German Comparative Correlative Constructions

I-Hsuan Chen: How the Interpretations of Mandarin Chinese Minimizers Are Defined by Constructions

Markus Hamunen: Event Structure Constructions: New kids on the block?

Iksoo Kwon: (In)Congruence between the Speaker’s and the Protagonist’s Epistemic Stances Matters: The Korean Complementizer Cwul + KNOW Construction

Ali Safari & Ali Darzi: Construction Grammar, Frame Semantics and LVC alternation in Persian

Sae-Youn Cho & Han-Gyu Lee: The Iss-ki Eps-ki Construction in Korean: A Construction-Based Approach

Seiko Fujii: Non-predictive conditional constructions in Japanese


Lunch Break




Room 601 / Chair: Ahrim Kim

Room 101 / Chair: HiJean Kim

Room B01 / Chair: Jee Eun Kim

Yasuhiro Tsushima: The fuzziness of the internal category of Implicit Theme Resultative Constructions

Jeremy J. Goard: Constructions and the calculation of definiteness: a usage-based approach to L2 article acquisition

Naoko Hayase: Constructionalization and (Inter)subjectivity of Dangling Participles

Hayato Chuman & Yukinori Kimoto: An Analysis of English N+N Compound Nouns as Constructions

Sungyoung Lee: Generic meaning and different forms of nouns


Kyou-Dong Ahn: On the Emergence of Negative Stance from the Interplay of Subjectivity and Reported Speech

Eun Ji Kwon: On the Korean idiom -do ssa

Willem Hollmann: Word classes: the role of constructions

Noriko Matsumoto: The V-and-VP Sequence as an Intriguing Form-Meaning Pairing

Yukinori Kimoto: Possessor-Subject Continuum: A Cognitive-Typological Approach

Tom Zurinskas & Hyung Martin: Korean Trials Using Truespel Phonetics for US ESL Pronunciation Training

Yo Matsumoto: A Construction Account of Verb-Verb Compound in Japanese


Coffee Break



(Room 801)

Kyoko Hirose Ohara: Japanese FrameNet: Toward a Constructicon Building for Japanese

Moderator: Jee-Eun Kim


Conference Party



SUNDAY, August 12, 2012




Registration (Room 801)



(Room 801)

Adele Goldberg: New Evidence for Constructional Meaning

Moderator: Ji-Hyon Kim


Coffee Break




Room 601 / Chair: Seok-Man Yoon

Room 101 / Chair: Youngju Choi

Room B01 / Chair: Seonju Park

Thomas Hoffmann & Alexander Bergs: ‘Are You Construction in Disguise…’ Investigating the Role of Context and Change in Football Chant Constructions

Shih-Min Li & Huei-Ling Lai: Go3 Constructions in Hakka: Windowing of paths in Motion Event-Frame

K.J. Nabeshima & Asako Nakano: Interplays between frames and constructions: Evidence from a corpus-based study of Japanese sasuga-construction and sasuga-no N-mo construction

Ahrim Kim: Grammaticalization of Korean complementizers into pragmatic sentential endings: Loss of space-building function of -tako/-lako/-cako/-nyako in Mental Spaces Theory

Seongha Rhee: “I know you are not, but if you’re asking me”: On emergence of discourse markers of topic presentation from hypothetical questions

Junsuk Park: On the Grammaticalization of Korean ‘su-itta’, ‘in-yang’ and ‘hal-yang’ and the metaphor of ‘bak-ida’

Yuzo Morishita: A corpus-based constructional approach to the converbial motion construction in English

Shu-Mei Chiang: Constructional polysemy of “not able to win”: A cognitive-constructional account of the “V m5 iang5” construction in Hakka

Shadi Davari & Mehrdad Naghzguy Kohan: Grammaticalization of Perfect Construction in Persian


Lunch Break




Room 601 / Chair: Miryung Yun

Room 101 / Chair: Han-gue Lee

Room B01 / Chair: Jaesoo Kim

Mikyung Ahn: Korean Expressions for Hearsay: From a Historical-Pragmatic Perspective

Udo Klein, Marcus Kracht & Ralf Vogel: Creation constructions

Vittorio Tantucci: Beyond direct and indirect evidentiality: the Modern Mandarin V- guo construction and other intersubjective evidential (IE) systems

Yoko Hasegawa et al.: The Frames-and-Constructions Approach to Paraphrase

Russell Lee-Goldman & Seiko Fujii: Argument structure satisfaction via unselected adjuncts

Audrey Rudel: Constructions and adjectival polysemy: [ADJ N] and [N ADJ] in French

Eunmi Kim: Cognitive Semantics Analysis on Prepositions With, At, and About in Emotion Construction

Ahmad Idris: Additional Meanings from the Structuralization

Cora Kim: Complement clause constructions with 'know' and 'think' in German and Korean acquisition: a case of the primacy of constructions over verbs



Coffee Break



(Room 801)

Mirjam Fried: Constructionalization: A Way to Conceptualize Grammatical Change?

Moderator: Seiko Fujii


Closing remarks (Room 801)

Moderator: Chang-Bong Lee