College of Business

1986 Separated as Dept. of International Trade from Division of Economics and Commerce
1979 Established Part-time Dept. of Business Administration
1980 Established Full-time Dept. of Business Administration
1988 Consolidated Part-time course into the Full-time course
2003 Upgraded to Division of Business Administration
2005 Partially integrated Division of Business Administration and Dept. of International Trade
2009 Promoted as Global Business School
2015 Renamed as HUFS Business School

Graduate School

1980 Established Ph.D. program in the Graduate School of Business Administration
1984 Established Masters program in the Graduate School of Business Administration

MBA Program

1972 Established Graduate School and Undergraduate Dept. of International Trade
1981 Established Dept. of International Business Administration, Dept. of International Economics,and Dept. of International
             Area Studies
1982 Established Dept. of Maritime Business Administration
1984 Established Dept. of Computational Development and Dept. of Insurance Administration
1988 Renamed Dept. of Computational Development into Dept. of Information Management
1995 Expanded and reorganized Graduate School to the World MBA; renamed Dept. of International Trade into Dept. of International
              Economics and Law; and renamed the Dept. of International Area Studies into World Area Studies, and established Dept.
              of Stock Finance
1999 Reduced existing eight Departments into four (Dept. of International Economics and Law, Dept. of International Business
             Management, Dept. of Information Management, and Dept. of International Finance) and created twelve more detailed
2000 Renamed Dept. of Maritime Business Administration into Dept. of International Shipping Logistics
2004 Established Cyber MBA course in Dept. of International Finance and opened on-line lecture
2006 Integrated World MBA and Graduate School of Management Information and renamed MBA program