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Ilyoung Chong

dot Ph.D (University of Massachussetts)

dot Research Interests: Computer networks, traffic theory, image processing, computer vision

dot E-mail: iychong@hufs.ac.kr

Nak Hyun Kim

dot Ph.D (University of Texas at Austin)

dot Research Interests: Computer vision, image processing, multimedia system

dot E-mail: nhkim@hufs.ac.kr

Sang Chul Kim

dot Ph.D (Michigan State University)

dot Research areas: Multimedia system, computer game

dot E-mail: kimsa@hufs.ac.kr

Seonghearn Lee

dot Ph.D (University of Minnesota)

dot Research areas: Semiconductor devices, device modeling & parameter extraction

dot E-mail: shlee@hufs.ac.kr

Jae Wook Yoon

dot Ph.D (University of Michigan)

dot Research areas: TQM, quality engineering, software quality

dot E-mail: jwyoon@hufs.ac.kr

Dong Seon Cheng

dot Ph.D (University of Verona, Italy)

dot Research areas: Computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning, image processing

dot E-mail: cheng.dong.seon@gmail.com

  Dhananjay Singh

dot Ph.D (Dongseo University)

dot Research areas: Future Internet Services, IoT, M-to-M Communications, Ubiquitous Sensor Networks and Signal Systems

dot E-mail: dsingh@hufs.ac.kr

A.M. Jehad Sarkar

dot Ph.D (Kyunghee University)

dot Research areas: Activity recognition, web mining, data mining, software engineering

dot E-mail: jehad@hufs.ac.kr

Mohammad Abdullah-Al-Wadud

dot Ph.D (Kyunghee University)

dot Research areas: Image enhancement, medical image processing, video surveillance

dot E-mail: wadud@hufs.ac.kr




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