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1.Journal name/publishing cycle

East European & Balkan Studiesis a co-published journal of the East European and Balkan Institute and the Asian Association of Central & Eastern European Studies, and it's being published four times a year. (February 25, May 25, August 25, November 25)


2.Publisher of the journal

The Director of the East European and Balkan Institute of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and the Chancellor of the Asian Association of Central & Eastern European Studies take the role as publisher.


3.Composition of the journal

East European & Balkan Studiescan be composed with academic papers, book reviews, translation of works and nonliterary articles.


4.Receipt of contribution

The deadline for receipt of all Korean contributions, including academic papers, shall be January 10, April 10, July 10 and October 10, and English contributions may be submitted and accepted at all times. When publishing a project topic, it is required to comply with the given dates of contribution and publication and publication cycle. 


5.The subject of paper screening

It shall be a paper not published domestically or abroad related to linguistics, literature, politics, economics, history and culture of countries in central and eastern Europe and Balkan regions. It may be rejected in the case of contributions outside the scope of topics prescribed by the Editorial Committee.

6.Selection of reviewers and confirmation of publication status

The editorial subcommittees of each academic field of the editorial Committee shall select three experts of the relevant major as reviewers for the papers contributed to the journal and request an examination after confirmation by the editorial Chairman. Besides, the results of the screening of the contribution paper shall be reported to the Editorial Committee Chairman through the editorial Director, and the Editorial Committee shall finalise whether to publish it or not.

7.Restriction on the reviewers

A person that belongs to the editorial Committee shall never be involved in the selection of a reviewer for his/her academic paper.

8.Examination of contributed academic papers

The reviewers commissioned by the Editorial Committee shall prepare an examination document based on a request for examination as determined by the Editorial Committee of "East European & Balkan Studies", and the Committee shall notify the contributor by classifying their contribution into three categories: "Publish (including modification of typing mistake)", "Publish after partial modification" and "Rejection". The editorial subcommittee may request a third party to re-examine a positive or negative review document for which no specific basis has been provided.

9. Evaluation of an academic paper

The publication of the contributed paper shall be academic papers with a total score of 80/100 or more, and the number of academic papers published in one paragraph shall not exceed ten. The allocation of academic papers to be published in one issue by field shall be determined at a meeting of the Editorial Committee.


10. Publishing the paper determined to be published on the next issue

For academic papers that have obtained a total score of 80/100 or more but have not been included in the total number of publications in the upcoming issue, they can be published on the next issue regardless of the results of the examination of academic papers submitted at the same time. 

11. Notice the results of the examination and publication

The results of the contributed paper shall be noticed to the contributor within four weeks. If the publication is finalised as a result of the examination, it shall be published within  4 months. 

12. Objection on the results of the examination

If the contributor disagrees with the results of the examination, they may raise and objection by the written opinion set by the Editorial Committee. The Committee may if it deems that the contents of the written opinion are justifiable, request a third auditor to examine the contribution.

13. Details

Any other details regarding the publication of the journal are to be determined in the Editorial Committee.