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Program Highlight


During the International Summer Session at HUFS, which has been nationally ranked as the most cosmopolitan campus in Korea, students have many opportunities to interact with foreign students from various countries as well as local Korean students.

World-class Faculty

The ISS invites many world-renowned scholars in Asian Studies and International Business to teach at the summer session. Together with the participating HUFS faculty, these invited professors from prestigious foreign universities make the ISS educational experience truly competitive in the age of globalization.

Field Activities : Hands-on Introduction to Korean Society and Culture

Students can gain insight into Korean history, cultural practices, and the operations of some of the world's leading corporations which have led Korea's advancement into cutting-edge technology. ISS professors provide students with a stimulating array of co-curricular field trips, company visits, cultural workshops and special lectures related to the subjects they teach. A program of "Extended Field Activities" is also organized. These are trips by bus to locales outside Seoul which contain sites of exceptional social, historical and cultural significance (DMZ, overnight temple stay, Gwangju, Gyeongju. etc.), organized on the weekends. The cost of one extended field trip is included in the tuition fee, and students may choose to enroll in the other optional extended field trip for nominal at-cost fees.

ISS Buddy Program

The ISS Buddy Program provides an opportunity to build friendships between local HUFS students and ISS international students through informal interactions outside the classroom, both on-campus and off-campus. These include weekly Korean film evenings with typical Korean refreshments, a taekwondo session, and an introduction to student nightlife hot spots. The buddy team also assists the ISS international students with adapting to the local Korean lifestyle by helping them obtain mobile phones, accompanying them on the subway if necessary, introducing them to good shopping districts, and giving them walking tours of interesting neighborhoods. One member of the buddy team will be living in the on-campus dorm to provide assistance as needed to the international students on an on-call basis. ISS students can also request a language exchange buddy for the duration of the five-week session.

Personalized Education in small size classes

Class size does not usually exceed 12-15 students, which allows a personalized education that meets students' individual needs.