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공지 (엄수) 포트폴리오 업로드 서식(복사하여 작성 시 사용) Portfolio Upload format TESOL대학원 2016-01-28 503 -
공지 회원가입방법: 우측 상단 「LOGIN」에서 종합정보 학번/비번 으로 로그인 -> 우측 상단 「INFO」에서 「홈페이지가입」 클릭 TESOL대학원 2016-01-28 74 -
124 [2021] Improving Productive Skills with Short Reading Materials and Media through Communicative Tasks   문혜성 2021-07-06 211 파일아이콘
123 [2021] Improving Speaking Skills and Psychological Development of Older Learners through Cooperative Peer Interaction   송화진 2021-06-30 75 파일아이콘
122 [2021] Building Vocabulary and Grammar Through Collaborative “Future Earth” Short Story Writing   Matthew Jacob Schulm 2021-06-29 77 파일아이콘
121 [2021] Developing English Communicative Skills Through Recreating Famous Artworks Based on Project-Based Learning   나유진 2021-06-25 106 파일아이콘
120 [2021] Collaborative Tasks for L2 Learning: Literature Circles as Mediators for Integrated Language Skills Development   조효리 2021-06-24 107 파일아이콘
119 [2021] An Experimental Approach to Mixed Modality Online Teaching   이민아 2021-06-23 72 파일아이콘
118 [2021] National Trip: Applying CLT to Enhance Productive Skills for Elementary School Students   구혜령 2021-06-22 150 파일아이콘
117 [2021] Using the Weak Version of CLT to Develop Communicative Competence and Increase EFL Students' Confidence in Using the TL   왕닝리 2021-06-21 70 파일아이콘
116 [2021] Creating a Campaign Video of Sustainable Development Goals through Project-Based Language Learning   구본주 2021-01-01 175 파일아이콘
115 [2021] Using CLT to Develop Presentation Skills for Young Learners   김윤정 2020-12-30 203 -
114 [2021]Don't Quit, Crayons! Using a Storybook to Engage Elementary School Students in Interactive Tasks and a Poster Presentation   송나경 2020-12-28 301 파일아이콘
113 [2021] Developing Reading and Speaking Skills through Cooperative Language Learning and Aesop Fables   이예지 2020-12-24 245 파일아이콘
112 [2021] Learning to Play Computer Games in English through Game Design and Playtesting using Task Based Learning Teaching   GRIEP PETER CHARLES 2020-12-24 122 파일아이콘
111 [2021] Poster and Presentation: Using CLT for Young Students to Improve Language Skills   서현지 2020-12-23 214 파일아이콘
110 [2021]Using CLT to Create and Present a Poster about the Best City for a Family Trip   정찬미 2020-12-23 161 파일아이콘