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제목 : Start date change : 4-week program 글쓴이 : ISS
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New year greetings from HUFS!


The academic boarrd of HUFS recently decided to put the 2018 academic calander of the university off for a week, thanks to the postpone of national college entrance exam in last November caused by an unexpected earthquake in southern part of Korea.


Therefore, it is now inevitable to change our starting date in order to secure enough class rooms and dormitory rooms for all students. Here is our new schedule :


ISS in Korean & East Asian Studies(4-week program) : July 19 ~ August 17

ISS in General Studies (5-week program)  : July 12 ~ August 17


Please do not hesitate our office for any inquiry about the date change. 

Thank you very much.

Email :

Tel    : +82-2-2173-2068




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