Dean’s Welcome
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Dean’s Welcome

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image Welcome to the Graduate School at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.


Since the establishment of the Graduate School in 1961, grounded on the founding spirit of “Truth, Peace, and Creation” and educational philosophy producing the talents with global mind, the Graduate School has been the first and the best in Korea.

Our alumni are actively working in various fields, which proves the great scholarly tradition of our Graduate School.
Approximately 1,300 students are currently deepening their knowledge within four divisions of study in the master’s and doctoral degree courses.
Today, we are living in a world of vast changes and challenges in various areas, so the knowledge in just a field cannot be applied for this reality. In this situation, the interdisciplinary research within various studies becomes necessary, and our Graduate School will be the best institute for this approach. This Graduate School is effectively making multidimensional consilience between linguistic studies based on all the languages around the world, international area studies with the comprehensive research, studies of humanities, social science, natural science and engineering.
Graduate School is the supreme institute for the teaching and research in highest level, and all the students who are in our Graduate School will experience this superb study in Korea. Therefore, your dissertation should be the “unique and best.” We hope you win through the hard time for taking courses and writing your thesis with your strong will and positive attitude. All of you are the ones of proud alumni of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. You will have both duties and rights as our alumni. Through the HUFS Graduate School, we wish you shape the hopeful future and realize it.


Thank you.


February, 2016

Sung Chul, Han
Dean, Graduate School
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies