Dean’s Greetings

In a rapidly changing world, amidst increasing debates about the direction and magnitude of globalization; what is also clear is the fact that many of these debates rely on, and occur through, the English language. Since its founding in 2009, the Graduate School of TESOL at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (GS-TESOL) has been educating leaders in academia, industry, education, and government. GS-TESOL’s superb graduates have been active not only within Korea, but also throughout Asia and the entire world, with GS-TESOL having attained its position as a top-ranked program for TESOL education and more broadly English language education. 

At GS-TESOL, we educate our highly qualified students through a competitive program that is highly interdisciplinary, incorporating linguistics, literature, teaching methodology, testing and evaluation, curriculum and class design, materials, media, technology, and other related subjects and disciplines. If you aspire to become a professional specializing in educating future global leaders, the GS-TESOL is your partner. The distinguished faculty and lively academic community at GS-TESOL will stand with you in your endeavors. Come to GS-TESOL, and you will be equipped to make sense of not only English education, but also the changing dynamics of the world that necessitate transformations in how people around the world understand English.



signKyung-Hee Suh     

Dean, Graduate School of TESOL    

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies