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There are general leaves of absence as well as leaves for military service.

Graduate students may petition for the withdrawal from a given semester under extraordinary circumstances such as medical condition, which requires students to be absent for more than a quarter of the total number of classes. Requests for leaves of absence must be submitted and approved through the [General Academic Information] on the HUFS webpage within the application period. Also, leaves of absences are not possible after the 1/4 of the semester.

*Only if you have to take treatment because of illness or hospitalization for 4 weeks or more, you can apply for leave of absence by 3/4 of the semester. In this case, students should submit medical certificate by doctor which shows that you cannot take the classes for 4 weeks or more.

**International students should submit the form to graduate school office because they cannot do it through online system.

b. Generally, leaves cannot exceed five years for each degree. However, there is no limit on the number of times a student can take leave.
c. Those returning students who have paid the tuition for the semester of leaves of absence are exempt from the tuition fee of the semester of their return.
d. Incoming students can only request for the leave of absence after the semester begins.
e. For every degree, requests for leaves are only possible in the regular academic year. Research students cannot apply for a leave.