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Translation is more than simply rendering sentences from one language to another. It requires the full reflection of an author’s intent and the creation of an output that synchronizes with the target language readers’ cultural and social backgrounds. This complex task demands the specialized acumen of a professional translator if quality is to be ensured.
Our translators
Our translators possess not only top-notch language skills honed at the Graduate School of Interpreting and Translation of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, but also a profound awareness of diverse fields with particular translation needs, such as business, economy, law, the arts, and more. Having been rigorously trained to render target texts in the proper style and with meticulous accuracy, our professionals constantly accumulate the experience with key areas to satisfy the expanding and evolving needs of clients from diverse fields and with the full spectrum of texts. The services we offer include the translation of documents, video scripts and websites, as well as transcription.
Document Translation
We translate contracts, periodicals, essays, press releases and other source texts to and from Korean and nine languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Indonesian. We do not merely translate, but also advise on how to best present a document in a particular language in terms of expression, sentence style and visual elements.
Screen Translation
We translate the scripts of documentaries, PR videos, movies and dramasalwayskeeping in mind their unique nature such as the audience, their reading speed and the space available on the screen.
Website Translation
Websites are among the primary gateways for connecting with customers and business partners. We translate websites that ensure smooth communication with anyone who clicks to the page.
We transcribe prerecorded audio clips to allow them to be used as legal evidence, in broadcasting, or to create records of meetings, conferences, or court proceedings.