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제목 : [교포영어선생님 및 원어민선생님 구인] 잉글리쉬스트릿어학원 English Street 글쓴이 : TESOL대학원
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 영어학원 교포영어선생님 구인 



2008년부터 종암동에서 초중학생을 대상으로 영어 수업을 하는 English Street 1:1 입니다. 

성실함과 열정이 넘치는 교포 및 원어민 선생님을 찾고 있습니다. 


ᄃ 모집 대상: 0

ᄃ 모집 지역: 성북구 종암동

ᄃ 지원 자격: 

북미/영국 교포 및 원어민 선생님

ᄃ 우대 조건: 

북미/영국 및 영어권 대학교/대학원 졸업생

어학 전공 및 TESOL 자격증 보유

영어수업 경력

ᄃ 근무 조건: Full-time (주5일 근무 14:00~21:00), Part-time (days and time negotiable)

ᄃ 급여: Negotiable

ᄃ 전형 방법: 서류 접수 후 면접

ᄃ 연락처: English Street 1:1 @




We're English Street 1:1 located 서울 성북구 종암동 near Korea University that's been established since 2008.  

We encourage and want our teachers to teach English in English and majority of our students comes to study from private elementary schools with English immersion programs.

Our academy's based on 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 based teaching with your own classroom as a main teacher and your teaching hours are 2p.m. - 9p.m., Monday - Friday and all the teaching materials and curriculums will be provided.

Your working hours and salary are negotiable during your interview depending on your experience.

We, the co-founders of English Street 1:1, understand what it's like to be teaching as English teacher in academies in Korea since we were also teachers and private tutors a long ago.

Our academy’s always open to motivated teachers who actually like children and like to teach them with passion!

Let us know if you have any questions and feel free to contact us anytime when you're ready to set a date for an interview.

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