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작성일 : 24.01.24 | 조회수 : 895

제목 : [행사] 2024학년도 전기 신입생 오리엔테이션 (Freshmen Orientation) 안내 글쓴이 : TESOL대학원
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2024학년도 전기 신입생 오리엔테이션 참석 안내

2024 Spring Freshmen Orientation



1. 2024학년도 전기 신입생 오리엔테이션(2024 Spring Freshmen Orientation - Information for Event)

    가Date : 7pm on February 6th (Tuesday), 2024

    나. Method : Online (using Zoom Meeting Room)

                       - Zoom Meeting Room URL : will be sent to freshmen students who applied for

                                                                  Participation via e-mail on February 5th(Monday), 2024.

    다. Attendance : 2024 Spring newly admitted students, members of Student committee,

                               Faculty members


    라. Events

             - Welcome Greeting by Dean

             - Introduction of Faculty members

             - Guidance for Academic Affairs

             - Introduction of Student Committee

             - Department Meeting(Student-Faculty)


2. 참석여부 연락 및 회신 협조 요청(Request for RSVP)

    가. Please let us know of your attendance by clicking on the link we sent via e-mail.


    . RSVP by 2024. 1. 30 (Thursday) *Rsvp needed even if you cannot attend. 










한국외국어대학교 TESOL대학원

TEL. 02-2173-3521 FAX. 02-2173-3358


()130-791 서울특별시 동대문구 이문로 107

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