Tuition & Scholarships


A. Tuition(2024)

- Enrollment fees: 1,070,000 Korean won
- Tuition fees per semester: 4,883,500 Korean won
※ Enrollment and tuition fees are subject to change every year.

A-1. Research Tuition

- Research tuition applies for students who have finished their course work during 4 semesters, and wish to be advised or submit their Thesis or Portfolio afterwards.
- Research tuition fees: 10% of the regular tuition fees
- Exceptions: Those who were accepted to GS TESOL before 2017, have a temporary reduced research tuition to 5% of the regular tuition fees.

B. Scholarships - Every semester scholarships will be awarded to the following students:

- Registered students who have achieved outstanding academic performance in each department in the relevant semester
- Newly admitted students who have received the highest admission scores
- An academic assistant who works full time at the administration office
- Representatives from the GS TESOL Students’ Union.
- Those who make a significant contribution to the development of the GS TESOL
- Registered students who have a Teacher's Certificate authorized by the Ministry of Education and are currently working full-time at an elementary or secondary school