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Since the launch of the College of Business on March 2009, the alumni activities have become active accompanying by the Internet cafe for Business School Alumni Association as the starting point.
Including current students, the number of alumni who joined reaches up to 345 people.

Home coming Day

Homecoming Day is held on every November and, on that day, the Mentoring relationship, Proud Global CEO Award, club performances have progressed together.
Through its annual Homecoming Day, HBS alumni are invited to come and mingle with current HBS students.

Lifetime education program for the graduated students

For those who have taken the MBA program or the CEO program, and have graduated, they are free to use the online classes after picking a class for free. This allows graduates to continue their learning process in a manner that is efficient, economic, and practical. Through this, they can gain more knowledge about the ongoing trends and information they need to gather. There were about 60 graduates who applied for the said program, taking courses not only for individual development but also as a means of continuing their studies during their free time.

Mentoring Program Introduction & Aim

Mentoring programs facilitated by HBS help to strengthen alumni connections with the school. The graduate programs have also helped to expand the overall network size and scope of HBS alumni around the world.

HBS recognizes that students have a great need to develop networks through the mentoring program. As a result of having alumni mentor current students, this helps to strengthen and continually expand the HBS network.

Through annual events focused on connecting current students with alumni, HBS also hosts a series of workshops and networking opportunities by inviting alumni as guest speakers or as panelists on certain business issues.
1) Networking and active information exchange between alumni and students
2) Enhancing powerful 'Manpower' through social networking
3) Delivering social experiences of seniors to juniors

How to participate in Mentoring

Download the application form from HBS website or HBS Alumni internet cafe(
Submitted with a title of
First come, first served.