Undergraduate Program
Building the Fundamentals

By building on HUFS core strength and competence of being a school renowned for its specialization in scholarly achievement and extraordinarily passionate faculty as well as foreign languages and cultural studies, HBS seeks to position itself as a top business school in Korea. With the full support of the university, HBS seeks to differentiate itself from other institutions of higher education by integrating its strength not only in its curriculum but through its extracurricular activities for its students. Keeping in line with the "Truly Global" spirit of HUFS, HBS encourages the development of student individuality and fosters an environment whereby students are equipped with the necessary business leadership skills and character to become catalysts in positively impacting the business world.

Before Graduation - Preparing for Excellence

HBS undergraduates can select a specific track that best matches their interests. They can enroll in courses from a variety of 53 different classes that are integrated to assist students in becoming a generalist with enhanced specific knowledge.

After Graduation - Achieving Excellence

After graduation, undergraduates can advance in their fields of public or private companies, government agencies, education or other various research institutes, or even acquire specialized qualifications such as the CPA and/or CFA.

1. Undergraduate Festival

Along with HBS, undergraduates from all departments gather together to enjoy spring welcoming and fall ending festivals with concerts, booths, attractions and more.
Undergraduates jumping to the music of the band YB


2. Academic Clubs
HBS undergraduates expand their interests by discussing and participating in finance, marketing, strategy and other clubs.
HBS business strategy club MAST presenting a business solution in front of peers

3. Student Council
The student council organizes festivals, agricultural support programs, and diverse events through a well structured council led by undergraduates.
HBS undergraduate student council
arranging the yearly freshmen workshop

4. Extracurricular Activities
Students express their energy and enthusiasm through activities and sports.
HUFS 4-year Champion
HBS Basketball Team GEN

5. CEO Leadership Program
This course invites start-up CEOs, venture capital analysts, angel investors and other influential leaders to encourage undergraduates. Startup Alliance Chief Officer Jungwook Lim
lecturing on Innovation and Creativity.