MBA_ Introduction

MBA Program
Becoming an International Leader

HUFS Business School offers diverse MBA programs to meet the needs of those in different situations with different interests. HBS offers various MBA programs : full-time (Creative MBA), part-time (Power MBA), on-line (Power ifMBA), weekend (Global MBA).




Full-Time MBA (Business)
This program handles core business aspects as well as Finance, Accounting, HR, International Business, and Information Management. Each subject consists of in-depth theoretical education along with real life business cases.

Evening MBA (Business)
This program enhances the competence of individuals through a traditional general MBA course.

International Finance (Evening ifMBA / On-Line)
This program targets those with time limitations but dream of becoming international finance experts. Students can prepare for finance certifications while completing a MS degree.

Global Business MBA (Global Business / Weekend)
This program integrates regional/international studies with the traditional MBA program.



Job Search Support program
As one of the best alumni networks in Korea (LA, New York, San Fransico,Washington and other international CEO alumnus), the 'MBA talent Bank' assists MBA graduates in job searches. Furthermore, by offering a career development course, MBA students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of domestic and international internship programs.


HUFS Alumni Network
Partnership and networking is as important as academic knowledge. HBS contributes to this value by hosting and supporting online commuinties, off-line gatherings, sports events and other diverse meetings. The HBS MBA provides a great networking system.


Academic Personal Advisor
Once students are accepted, they are automatically assigned to a professor for counseling. Furthermore, HBS operates the APA program to assist students throughout their time at HBS. Thus, by providing a friendly atmosphere and a great bond with professors, this creates a synergy effect for academics.


Weekly Invited CEO Lecture
Every week a prominent leader from Korea and abroad delivers lectures to motivate and teach the students on practical business topics and offer international insight.