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iconDepartment of Scandinavian Languages and Literature 스칸디나비아어문학과
dotGoals and Objectives

HUFS Graduate School’s Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature concentrates on linguistics and literatures of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark and trains students to independently conduct research on linguistics and literature of Northern Europe in order to lead students to a broad appreciation and deep understanding of these countries.
Though only Swedish language and literature courses are currently being offered, language and literature courses related to other countries are expected to open in the near future. In these Swedish language and literature courses, students further their understandings of Swedish language and literature and hold expertise in its language and literature for a potential opportunity to introduce Korean culture to Sweden in return.

dot Faculty

Kim, Sang Yol

Completed course work for Ph.D. in Literature University of Göteborg M.A. in Literature, Uppsala University Swedish Literature and Novel
Park, Hyeon-Sook Ph.D. in Linguistics, Fil. Dr. Uppsala University Scandinavian Languages
Park, No Ho Ph.D. in Literature, University of New Lisbon Portuguese Modern Literature
Andér, Carl Johan Full-time lecturer M.A. in Political Science, Uppsala University Political Science

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