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icon Information and Communications Engineering  정보통신공학과 컴퓨터 및 정보통신공학과 홈페이지
dotGoals and Objectives

The field of Computer and Information Communication Engineering leads the 21st century information age and plays a critical role in securing Korea’s competitive edge in the contemporary world. Therefore, various fields, including science technology and science-based industry, will necessitate rich human resources, equipped with professional knowledge in the concentrated areas of computer and information communication engineering.

Thus, the Department of Computer and Information Communication Engineering at the HUFS Graduate School provides various programs to deepen student’s general knowledge about the fields related to computer and information communication engineering and branches into numerous areas of application. This foundation prepares students to become familiar with the current international trend.


Kim, Myoung Jin    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota
                                    Multiscale Signal Processing, MobileCommunications

Kim, Se Hwa           Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University

                                    Embedded Software

Kim, Hee Dong       Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KAIST
                                    Speech Signal Processing, Communications System

Park, Sangwon       Ph.D., Seoul National University
                                    XML, Database

Jeong, Seong-Ho    Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
                                    Computer Networks, Wireless Internet 

Chong, Ilyoung       Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
                                    High Speed Networking, Network, Traffic Engineering

Hahn, Hee-il            Ph.D., University of Arizona
                                     Image Processing, Computer Vision.

Hong, Jin Pyo          Ph.D. in Computer Science, KAIST
                                     Computer Networks, Multimedia Communications

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