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HUFS Business School (HBS) is committed to raising the standards of business education to a higher level by offering a truly global education. HBS provides solid theoretical business knowledge, which is supplemented with global knowledge centered on regional studies and foreign languages. HBS students have a choice of choosing from more than 45 different language programs offered by the University, which is nationally renowned for its interdisciplinary “convergence education” programs in foreign languages and area studies.

At the undergraduate level, HBS is committed to shaping global business leaders by having general curriculum courses taught in English and requiring students to minor in one regional area i.e. language, business, economics, out of the seven regional areas offered by the University.

HBS offers many different types of MBAs: the full-time Creative MBA (business, marketing), the part-time Power MBA (business), the Power ifMBA (international finance), and the weekend Global Business MBA (global business). The different MBA programs offer a variety of choices, making it possible to select the MBA program that best suits one's particular needs and time limitations. Students experience all the offerings of a traditional MBA program, coupled with the distinctiveness of each program; thereby, becoming global business experts.

The masters and Ph.D. programs at the graduate school build upon knowledge acquired through a bachelor's degree in business by providing in-depth theoretical knowledge in business administration. These programs serve as a great roadmap to those interested in pursuing a career in research and academia.

HBS started the Global CEO program, a nondegree program, to reach out to global business leaders and CEOs. Since its start in February 2015, the Global CEO program now has 755 alumni graduates. By working with the local Korean chambers of commerce in offering nondegree courses in cities such as LA, New York, San Francisco, and Washington D.C., there are now 812 alumni graduates who have established themselves as members of their respective business communities . By expanding the geographical scope of the program in July 2014 to include members of the business community in Indonesia, this further increased the program's prestige and reputation.

HUFS Business School offers a distinctly global environment, rooted in the University's 60-year history of offering interdisciplinary studies based on foreign languages and area studies, business curriculum and programs that foster practicality and creativity, and outstanding faculty.

If you are someone who dreams of becoming a business expert in navigating through the waters of today's highly competitive society, we invite you to come and join us at HUFS Business School. The determination and pioneering spirit needed to achieve your dreams will undoubtedly lead you to a brighter future.