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Certified Public Accountant(CPA)

CPA is an accounting firm as well as domestic and foreign public and private companies, credit rating agencies, brokerage houses, banks, professional accounting, tax, and financial sector to actively enter into a spearhead role of capitalism.

CPA Exam

Test for Certified Public Accountants selection is organized by Financial Supervisory Service and divided into the primary test (multiple choice, the end of February) and the second test (subjective, the end of June).

CPAs can operate in virtually any area of finance including:

Assurance and attestation services
Corporate finance (merger and acquisition, initial public offerings, share and debt issuings)
Corporate governance
Estate planning
Financial accounting
Governmental accounting
Financial analysis
Financial planning
Forensic accounting (preventing, detecting, and investigating financial frauds)
Income tax
Information technology, especially as applied to accounting and auditing
Management consulting and performance management
Tax preparation and planning
Venture Capital
Financial reporting
Regulatory reporting

HBS Study Group for CPA, Han Rim Jeong

Han Rim Jeong is a compacted study group which consists of HUFS students preparing for CPA and Accountant exam. Currently Prof. Ko, Yun Seong is directing almost 40 students for studying CPA.
A high capacity on test information, learning environment and the network between already passed seniors and juniors trying to get CPA are the well-known pride for our best conditions to study.


1. Video lectures
2. Video lecture room and private seat
3. CPA Books
4. Internet searching room and lounge (Printers and scanners are reserved)
5. Practice tests
6. Full scholarship for 2 semesters after pass of the first exam and full scholarship for the rest semesters after pass of the second exam


1. Date: New Employee Selection will be conducted on the last Monday on March and September of each year.
   Announcement will be informed by online / offline via the campus network such as the website of Division of HBS or the office's bulletin board
2. Qualification: Students enrolled in HUFS (including students in absence).
3. Subjects: Done through a written test and an interview.
   Written exam: Intermediate Accounting, Tax(Corporate Tax) Law
   Interview: Interview with Professor