President’s Greeting

  Established in 1954, shortly after the Korean War, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) stood on a pioneering vision of globalization, a startling concept at that time. In the 60 years since its establishment, HUFS has produced more than 110,000 intellectuals with one goal in mind: to strive for the development of Korea around the world. As an educational institution leading globalization, HUFS holds the indisputable first rank in globalization fields of various evaluation. Specially, in 2009, HUFS founded the Graduate School of TESOL, a professional institution for English language education based on a specialized educational capacity. We hereby cultivate experts of English, consolidating its status as the lingua franca.
  With the rapid progress of globalization, our society now demands professional communication skills in diverse fields and contexts beyond a basic level of English proficiency. In order to meet these demands, the Graduate School of TESOL refrains from simple theoretical English education or traditional training of educators. Instead, we implement an extraordinary curriculum that compiles up-to-date educational theories, practical skills of educational media, and various research results from English teaching/learning fields. The Graduate School of TESOL is devoted to the promotion of English educators who personify both academic theories and abilities of application at field.
  For the past 60 years, our HUFS alumni have contributed to the development of the economy and culture of Korea. Even at this very moment, numerous alumni are actively engaged around the world as businessmen, as diplomats, and cultural missionaries, representing Korea. Education is a great plan foreseeing the next 100 years. The Graduate School of TESOL at HUFS will achieve recognition as an educational institution nurturing talent, looking ahead to the next millennium. Follow your dreams with the Graduate School of TESOL, a place equipped with outstanding faculty and a state-of-the-art system. This wise choice will determine your future.

President InChul Kim