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We will do our best for the growth and development of our students.

Since Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) was founded in 1954, it has become a prestigious private university which has graduated much of the talent South Korea has needed for growth and development.As South Korea's first global university, HUFS has lived up to its founding spirit of “truth, peace, and creation,” serving as a major force in national reconstruction and growth, rising out of the ashes of war. South Korea became a global economic powerhouse in just half a century despite its near complete lack of natural resources, thanks in large part to the efforts and contributions of numerous internationalized people empowered by HUFS. In fact, HUFS has been unrelenting in its efforts to produce talent of the highest caliber required by both the country and society at large, sending them across five oceans and six continents. Having faithfully advanced the internationalization of the nation, we are a “university where the sun never sets”.Universities are “public goods,” and the reason for their existence, and indeed their duty, is to impart people with the skills needed by the times and gift them to society, thereby serving the nation and promoting peace and co-existence with the international community. The modern society of the 21st century, amidst the breakwaters of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is a “hyper-gap,” “hyper-connected” society constituting a world that transcends national boundaries. This world demands a new type of talent with new abilities—this demand, however, cannot be addressed by existing educational paradigms or systems. Computing technologies and computational thinking are no longer owned by a few, and are becoming universal; The speed of the transition is beyond imagination. HUFS offers a wide range of cutting-edge convergence education programs based on a solid foundation of academic capabilities backed by state-of-the-art knowledge and cultural content encompassing the entire world. HUFS graduates have the international skills and competitive qualifications that modern society needs.HUFS also lives out the ideals of world peace and co-existence through education and will continue to serve as a forum connecting South Korea and the rest of the world in order to facilitate our mutual interests. We are dedicated to fulfilling our responsibilities and our purpose—to assist South Korea globalize even further.
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies—a perpetual beacon of light shining brightly upon the world.

12th President of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Jeong-Woon Park