Academic Affairs

Information about Enrollment and Degree Achievement

Degree Conferred: Master of Arts in TESOL
Program Type: Only evening classes are offered
Program Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Leave of Absence

Students can suspend their studies as frequently as they wish, but for no longer than a combined duration of five years. Mandatory military service (about 21 months) is not included in this five-year period. First year students apply for a leave of absence on the first day of their first semester.


Students will be dismissed if they do not abide by the following rules:
- Those who have not returned to school after the expiration of a leave of absence.
- Those who do not register for courses during the designated registration period each semester.
- Those who have not achieved the required number of credits during the program (normally four semesters).

Requirements for Graduation

Successful graduation candidates must meet the following requirements:
1. Achieve the required number of credits for graduation.
2. Achieve a minimum G.P.A. of B0.
3. Pass the foreign language exam and comprehensive exam.
4. Complete the presentation of the Thesis or the Portfolio, or Coursework.
- Thesis(24 credits) : complete the presentation of the Thesis within five years after achieving the required number of credits for graduation (normally four semesters).
- Portfolio(28 credits) : complete the presentation of the Portfolio within five years after achieving the required number of credits for graduation (normally four semesters).
- Coursework(32 credits) : complete Coursework(32 credits) within 4 semesters(2 years).
5. Complete the presentations of either the thesis or the portfolio with a minimum score of 81%.
6. Graduation candidates must choose either the Thesis or Portfolio, or Coursework graduation option at the end of their second semester. Once chosen, you cannot change your option.

Minimum credits required for graduation

1) Thesis or Portfolio Track

Category First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester Total Notes
Required 4 4 2


10 For those who wish to write a thesis, please refer to the information in brackets.
Electives 4 4 6
18 (14)
Total 8 8 8
28 (24)

* These are minimum credits required for graduation.
* Students who wish to write a thesis, 10 credits of core subjects are needed for graduation.
* Students who wish to write a portfolio, 10 credits of core subjects are needed for graduation.
* Students can take up to 8 credits per semester.

2) Coursework Track (Admission in 2021 and after)































* These are minimum credits required for graduation.
* For students who wish Coursework Track, 8 credits of core subjects are required for graduation.


Prerequisite Courses



Writing for Academic Purposes (Online)


Writing for Academic Purposes (Offline)


Introduction to English Linguistics


Introduction to English Literature


General Issues & Trends in ELT


Studies in English Education


Special Lecture in English Education


English Education Policy


Practical English Teaching (Online)


* Students who do not hold a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in an English-related major are required to take 3 prerequisite courses (worth 6 credits) in addition to taking regular courses.

Acknowledgement of Credits

Credits can be transferred to the GS TESOL from an appropriately earned degree or certificate (if applicable):
A. 3 prerequisite courses and 4 major credits for a TESOL certificate awarded by the HUFS TESOL Professional Education Center
C. 3 prerequisite courses for a TESOL certificate awarded by other institution except HUFS after evaluation procedure
D. 6 credits for a master’s degree in a TESOL-related major
E. 8 credits for a master’s degree in TESOL
*TESOL degree holders may also be exempt from one semester of registration.

Grading System


100% Scale

Grading Points




















Below 70


* Successful graduate candidates must achieve a minimum 71% or C0 in each subject and a G.P.A. of 81% or B0 by the end of their last semester.

Class Registration

- Registration Period
1) Spring Semester : February (to be announced on the notice board)
2) Fall Semester : August (to be announced on the notice board)
- Add & Drop Period: to be announced on the notice board
- How to register
1) Download the course schedule PDF from the GS TESOL website or drop by the office to pick up the course schedule.
→ Visit the main HUFS website: www.hufs.ac.kr → Click the “HOT link” in the top right corner → Select the link that reads
“대학원 수강신청 바로 가기” in Korean or “Immediately go to the class registration for graduate schools” in English
2) Log in by entering ID (9 digit student number) and password (the first 6 digits of your resident registration number or alien registration number) → check the course schedule organized by each major → save after adding the courses you wish to take → log out
3) Please make sure your name is on the attendance roll sheet during the first week of your class; Failure to do so will result in non-registration and the University will not be responsible for any losses or liabilities incurred as a result of such events.
4) If you wish to drop a course, you must do so within the designated drop period.
5) Academic Calendar & Class Schedule
6) The academic year is divided into two semesters, with the spring semester starting in early March and the fall semester starting in early September.
7) Examinations are held at the end of the semester. Evening class times are from 18:30 to 21:40.




Period 1 & 2

18:30 ~ 20:00(90 min)

Period 3 & 4

20:10 ~ 21:40(90 min)

Those who have not submitted a graduation certificate or who have not submitted a certificate of expected graduation must submit them to the office by the due date set by the administrative office after the semester begins.

- First year students who have graduated from a university in Korea should submit a graduation certificate that shows the official registration number conferred by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology.
- Those who have transferred universities should submit the transcripts of both universities. All grades received during the four-year university period should be written on the transcript.


1. Opening hours: weekdays from 09:00 ~ 21:00
2. Borrowing is limited to a maximum of 10 books a month.
3. For further information, please contact the library at 02-2173-2473, 2475

Administrative Office Hours

1. During the Semester: 14:00 ~ 22:00 from Monday to Thursday. (14:00 - 20:00 Friday)
2. During the Vacation: 09:00 ~ 16:00 from Monday to Friday. Before vacation begins, the GS TESOL office hours will be
    posted on the department webpage.

Change of Personal Information

Students are asked to promptly change their personal information if changes occur. You can change your information by logging in to the main HUFS homepage: www.hufs.ac.kr .
How to change your information:
Visit www.hufs.ac.kr → Go to the Comprehensive Information System → Log in by entering your ID and passwords (initial
password: the first 6-digits of your resident identification numbers or alien registration number) → Go to “자기정보 관리” or
Management of Personal Information → Modify and save your personal information including mobile phone number, phone number and address

How to Apply for a Student Identification Card

1. Application Period: To be announced on the notice board
2. How to apply

[For domestic students]
Download "Woori WON Banking" application on the app store and turn on the application → Click the bookmark service on the left side of the main page → Go to the category labeled "Student Identification Card(대학 학생증카드)" and click the "Apply" button → Enter the required personal information into the category

[For international students]
(#116, 1st floor at Student Hall and GlobeeDorm) on campus to apply for the student ID card. Make sure to take your passport, Alien card (if available) and one ID photo.
*Documents required:
    A. Resident or Alien Registration Card
    B. One Color Photo

3. Students who fail to apply for a student ID card during the designated period are required to visit the HUFS Woori Bank branch in person, in order to have the card issued

How to Use a Temporary Student ID Card

Students can gain access to every facility in the university by printing out a temporary student ID card from the HUFS main webpage with their resident or alien registration card.

1. Students can use the temporary student ID card for one month after the semester begins.
2. To print out your temporary student card, go to the main HUFS webpage at www.hufs.ac.kr → Log in to the comprehensive information system → Find “자기정보관리” or Management of Personal Information → Print out your temporary student ID card
3. Students are advised to use the temporary ID card until the official ID card is issued. Once the official ID card is issued, the temporary ID card will no longer be valid.
4. Students can use the temporary ID card only in the HUFS library and multimedia rooms.
5. Once the official student ID cards have been issued, the TESOL administrative office will post a notice on the department bulletin board. Once the announcement is made, please drop by the TESOL administrative office to pick up your card.

Parking Fees

1. Evening class students are eligible to buy parking stickers at a discounted price. Students who wish to park within the school campus must buy a parking sticker and registering their cars at the parking control center.
2. To do so, students need to fill out an application form and submit it to the parking control center.
3. Price: 15,000 won monthly