World Class Atmosphere Cutting-Edge Facilities & Programs

1. HBS Study Hall

HBS proudly offers the most modern studying facility at HUFS. Students from undergraduates to Ph.Ds have access. Undergraduates of HBS studying for mid-terms late at night

2. Large Scale Classrooms

As HBS has the largest student population, it also has the largest and most modern classrooms varying in sizes and functions for specific needs.


3. Study Space
Each floor has space for students to do team projects and hold group discussions. Students discussing on the 3rd floor study space of HBS Cyber Building

4. Relaxing Areas
To help students relax and take a break, HUFS offers environmentally friendly R&R lounges. HBS indoor lounge

5. HUFS Underground Campus
A HUFS underground campus consists of lounges, study rooms, conference rooms, extracurricular activity rooms and a basketball court and fitness facilities. The center space of the underground campus where students perform

6. Cyber Building of HBS
HBS has the most up-to-date building and facilities to meet the needs of business students. Computer rooms, reading rooms, cutting edge, multi-media facilities and more are available to HBS students. The night view of HUFS Cyber building