College of Engineering

The home of majors in Computer Science and Engineering, Information Communications Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Digital Information Engineering, and the Industrial and Management Engineering Division, the College of Information and Industrial Engineering creates synergy between IT-related departments, including electronics, computer engineering, information and communication, automation and systems engineering, and offers a specialized educational environment. Through the most up-to-date curriculum and thorough classes by young and competent faculty with abundant experience in the field, students gain both practical high-tech knowledge and field adaptability.

Future-oriented Talent for Continued Evolution The College of Information and Industrial Engineering introduced the Engineering Certification System, a program for objectively evaluating the quality of engineering education, ahead of the rest and focuses on developing international engineering leaders. The Computer Science and Engineering Major, which introduced the KEC 2005 Engineering Certification, cultivates software developers who can continue to innovate and improve themselves. The Digital Information Engineering Major, which pursues all fields of engineering, including basic natural sciences, also introduced the Engineering Certification and is making all-out efforts to produce future-oriented personnel for tomorrow’s industry. In particular, it focuses on “embedded system development,” which will draw much attention in the ubiquitous technology society. Introducing the Engineering Education Certification in 2006, the Electronics Engineering Major aims at developing electronics engineering experts who will lead high-tech development. Meanwhile, the Information Communications Engineering Major focuses on the future-oriented architect to cultivate engineers with international perspectives. In addition, the Industrial and Management Engineering Division introduced a curriculum to develop professionals with expertise in industrial management and business, industrial systems, and process optimization, all required by tomorrow’s high-tech industries.