Graduate School of KFL

Graduate School of Korean as a Foreign Language (GS'KFL)

Korea’s first and only graduate program dedicated to fostering professionals in Korean language education and translation
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, at the forefront of Korea’s globalization with 45 foreign language education programs
Graduate School of KFL, fostering professionals in KFL education, KFL translation and Korean culture & literature studies

Graduate School of KFL
1. Department Overview

A. Department of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language

- Offers comprehensive courses that encompass education theories/practicums to teach techniques required by the teaching professionals and educators of KFL.

- Imbues students with a higher level of professional expertise with research programs on Korean language education and field teaching experiences.

- Helps students develop a global perspective and the creativity required to overcome the challenges encountered by professionals in the field.

- Contributes to the promotion of the global community by supplying quality professionals in Korean language education overseas through a diverse global network.

B. Department of Korean as a Foreign Language & Translation

- Fosters professional KFL translators specialized in Korean language translations, Korean studies translations, and business translations through courses on high-level Korean language translations and community translation.

- Offers a comprehensive and inter-departmental program developed specifically for KFL translation education in collaboration with the Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation and the Department of Korean Language Education.

- Offers a professional program for foreign nationals residing in Korea who will become valuable members of our multicultural society.

C. Department of Korean Cultural & Literature for Foreign

- Fosters professionals who are able to effectively introduce Korean culture and literature to non-Koreans.

- Drives the development of our emerging academic field of convergence through a professional program that helps students gain a profound understanding of Korean culture and literature, cultural theories as well as knowledge and skills for application in the field.

- Fosters global talent based on close collaboration with an international network of Korean studies organizations.

2. Career Paths after Graduation Teaching & Education: (Overseas) Korean language teachers, administrators of Korean language institutions in Korea and overseas, teaching professionals, developers of Korean language textbooks and education content, professional educators of Korean culture, etc.
Translation & Interpretation: Translators of Korean literature, simultaneous interpreters, etc.
Diplomacy & International Administration: Local staff for Korean overseas missions, government staff for international relations, etc.
International Trade & Economy: Positions in multinational corporations, Korean businesses, trading companies, etc.
Culture & Media: Film and drama translators, international exchange planners, professional guides for Korean culture, etc.
Research: Researchers of the Korean language, Korean literature, Korean culture, Korean studies, and comparative cultural & literature, lexicographers for dictionaries, etc.

3. Certificates Offered
Course Certificate Awarded by
KFL Education Korean Language Teacher, Grade II Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
KFL Translation Certification of Professional Translation Ability Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation Graduate School of KFL

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