College of Humanities

The College of Humanities at HUFS consists of majors in Philosophy, History and Linguistics & Cognitive Science.
Its curriculum aims to identify and promote values through the studies of humanities, which is a foundation for other scientific fields: the study of humans through their humanity. Through studying to properly understand our human values and our ability to express ourselves, the College of Humanities suggests ways to study humanities throughout the world.

A Ground for Continued Growth The Philosophy major curriculum at HUFS is designed to study Eastern and Western philosophy in depth and build students’ expertise. Students will acquire logical thinking and the ability to express themselves objectively and persuasively.

Wisdom of Foreseeing the Future Through the Past The History major aims at developing abilities to properly understand today’s society and plan the future through looking into the past. Through systematic cooperation and joint research with leading historians and history professors at language departments within HUFS, the program provides a curriculum to build in-depth understanding and knowledge of history overall.

Complete Communication in a Diversified World The Cognitive Science major studies communication with others through systematic learning and research on languages. The focus of the program is seeking professional knowledge on the various fields of linguistics through diverse phenomena and theories instead of looking into a certain language.