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Law school The Law School of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is one of 15 law schools selected and approved through national competition and comprehensive inspection by the Ministry of Education, science and technology. The Law School aims to cultivate lawyers with international perspectives, who are equipped with the international skills and regional expertise. Since its establishment in 1967, the College of Law of HUFS, the founding institution of the Law School, has produced lawyers, government officers and diplomats, journalists, professors and numerous professionals in variety of areas. HUFS is also renowned for its excellent education on foreign studies and it has dedicated to cultivate experts and professionals in various disciplines with international skills for the last five decades. Our mission is to produce excellent lawyers who can act as competent legal counsel in domestic and international arena. This mission can be achieved based on the combination of the resources of the University and the Law School. The faculty of the Law School consists of 28 professors with solid academic background and extensive practical experiences as professionals. The faculty members with degrees from various countries (Korea, the United States of America, England, France, Germany, Brazil, India, China and Japan) offer valuable international perspectives. The curriculum of the Law School program includes comprehensive range of Korean law subjects and also in-depth studies of laws of major economic regions around the world. Many courses are taught in foreign languages.

1. Faculty

Chair Professor

Kim, Jung Gil, Ph.D (Hanyang Univ.)Tax Law

Faculty Members in charge of Theoretical Legal Eduction

Ka, Jung Joon, S.J.D (Wisconsin Univ.)Civil Law
Kim, Dong Hoon, Ph.D (HUFS)Commercial Law
Kim, Seong Gyu, Dr. Jur (Freiburg Univ.)Criminal Law
Kim, Eun Kyung, Dr. Jur (Mannheim Univ.)Commercial Law
Kim, Chin Woo, Dr. Jur (Resensburg Univ.)Civil Law
Kim, Hak Tai, Dr. Jur (Saarbrucken Univ.)Philosophy of Law
Kim, Hae Ryoung, Dr. rer. puhl (Speyer Univ.)Administrative Law
Moon, Jae Wan, S.J.D (Indiana Univ.)Constitutional Law
Park, Young Bok, Dr. Jur (Gottingen Univ.)Civil Law
Park, Hee Ho, Dr. Jur (Tubingen Univ.)Civil Law
Byun, Hae Cheol, Dr. en droit (Paris II Univ.)Constitutional Law
Ahn, Soo Hyun, Ph.D (Seoul National Univ.)Commercial Law
Lee, Byung Jun, Ph.D (Tubingen Univ.)Civil Law
Lee, Eun Young, Dr. Jur (Tubingen Univ.)Civil Law
Lee, Jang Hie, Ph.D (Kiel Univ.)Cvil Law
Lee, John, Ph.D (Tokyo Univ.)Lbor Law
Lee, Hoon Dong, Ph.D (HUFS)Ciminal Law
Jeon, Hak Seon, Dr. en droit (Paris 11 Univ.)Cnstitutional Law
Choi, Seung Pil, Ph.D iur. (Wurzburg Univ.)Aministrative Law
Choi, Wan Jin, Ph.D (Korea Univ.)Cmmercial Law

Faculty Members in charge of Practical Legal Eduction

Kye, Kyong Moon, Ph.D (HUFS)Civil Procedural Law
Kim, Ho Jeong, Ph.D (HUFS)Administrative Law
Son, Woo Tae, Ph.D (DanKook Univ.)Criminal Procedural Law
Chung, So Min, LL.M (Stanford Univ.)Civil Law
Jo, Hee Moon, Ph.D (San Paulo Univ.)Law of South America
Choi, Chul, LL.M (London Univ.)Intellectual property Law
Sun Xi Yao, LL.D.(Wuhan Univ.)International Economy Law

2. The Master's Programs Special mater's degree program in law

3. Admission Eligibility

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree, or should be recognized by the Ministry of Education as having the equivalent qualifications

Admission Timetable

To be announced via web site(http://law.hufs.ac.kr/)

Admission Requirements

- General Admission Process (95%): Legal Education Eligibility Test, Interview & Essay, Foreign Language Competency
(TOEFL, TOEIC, FLEX or equivalent tests recognized under the regulations of the Law School)

- Special Admission Process (5%): Special admission criteria under the regulation of the Law School for underprivileged candidates

4. Requirements for the Master's Degree are as follows

- A minimum of 96 credit hours as required under the regulation

- Three years (six semesters) of residence, subject to the provisions of the regulation

- Candidates for the special master's degree in law may take a graduation exam upon obtaining approval from the dean instead of writing a dissertation, and only those passing such exam shall be deemed eligible for graduation.

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