Education for Globalization

Global Program

HUFS has been raising its competitiveness while making a difference amid constant change and tremendous diversification. It is a center for global education that actively helps students develop not only language ability but also a global mindset and acumen. Proposing wider and more diverse ways to advance in the world, HUFS supports individual students in their development as globally competitive talents.

2+2 Dual Degree Program In accordance with the General Agreement entered into between HUFS and partner universities(University of Delaware, SUNY Stony Brook, and National Taiwan Normal University), the Dual Degree Program is offered to the students who wish to acquire 2 degrees by attending the 2 universities for 2 years each.

Student Exchange Program The Student Exchange Program is a system in which students of HUFS and an overseas partner university, based on an agreement on credit and student exchanges, study in the other university for a specific period of time and get their credits accepted by the university of their original affiliation.

7+1 Study Abroad Program The 7+1 Study Abroad Program is a plan in which students study in an overseas university for at least 1 out of the total 8 semesters. The program has been intended to enhance the global mindset of HUFS students. Through this program, HUFS is currently sending over 800 students to many renowned universities of the world, expecting the number to gradually increase in the future.

Self-financed Study Abroad Program The Self-financed Study Abroad Program is a plan in which HUFS students may study in overseas universities and get the credits exchanged into the HUFS system. Since students can choose any university (4-year colleges only) that department approves, they have more options compared to those on the Exchange or Visiting Student Program.

Short-Term Language Training Program 2019-01-09 Under the Short-term Language Training Program, students may take a language training course at an overseas university and get up to 6 credits exchanged into the HUFS credit system.

Government Scholarship Government scholarships are provided by foreign governments, based on their agreement with the Korean counterpart on cultural/student exchanges, to students invited from each other. The quota and other scholarship details are determined by the inviting country.

ISS(International Summer Session) The International Summer Session is a program designed to provide foreign/Korean students living overseas or in Korea with diverse cultural opportunities through high quality English lectures on Korean politics, economy, society, and culture as well as experiences of field activities. The ISS sessions have been provided for 5 weeks each summer since 2003 to students from over 160 sister universities of HUFS, strengthening HUFS’ leadership in globalization of universities.

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