Vision 2028

HUFS aims to become a world-class global university leading in academic consolidation and convergence that embraces the humanities, business and economics, the social sciences, law, and science and engineering based on its specialized education in 45 foreign languages, a level on par with the world’s No. 3 foreign language program. Therefore, having gathered the capabilities of all HUFS members, the school declared “HUFS Vision 2028,” aspiring to stand out in the world by furthering its own strengths in language and literature and area studies while fulfilling the mission of fostering talents who embrace the value of academic convergence.

A World-class University of Convergence

Core Value: Globally Innovative and Collaborative Talents Leading the Future Era

Education and Student Division  
Goal : Deepening the cultivation of globally leading interdisciplinary talents in future university education Key Tasks
⦁ Redesigning and disseminating interdisciplinary innovative education programs
⦁ Strengthening the global education infrastructure through the utilization of AI and remote learning
⦁ Establishing a system for innovative curriculum development based on the needs of learners
⦁ Operating a tailored education support system to enhance student satisfaction
⦁ Providing practical education support through advanced career guidance
⦁ Establishing a pioneering global education model
Faculty and Research Division  
Goal : Strengthening global research capabilities and interdisciplinary research foundation Key Tasks
⦁ Securing faculty members with global-level research capabilities
⦁ Innovating faculty research performance evaluation
⦁ Enhancing research support and strengthening the global interdisciplinary research foundation
Infrastructure and Finance Division  
Goal : Establishing an operating system for an Entrepreneurial University Key Tasks
⦁ Advancing the sophistication of university operations through the establishment and utilization of big data
⦁ Establishing an administrative system that is focused on meeting the needs of stakeholders
⦁ Ensuring balanced development between campuses and developing the Songdo Campus
⦁ Establishing a sustainable financial management foundation