Campus Environment

HUFS is composed of two Campuses, the Seoul Campus located in the eastern region of the nation's capital city, and its suburban Campus in Yongin, which is about an hour and a half drive from the Seoul Campus. As of 2012, the Seoul Campus consists of 13 buildings, including the university Administrative Offices, Student Center, Humanities Building, Graduate Schools, Institute of Teaching and Learning Development, Social Science Building, Foreign Language Training and Testing Center, Library, Faculty Office BuildingⅠ, Faculty Office BuildingⅡ, Information Building, Open Air Theater and International Center. The Campus (Yongin) also consists of 13 buildings, including Administrative Offices, Humanities and Business Building, Language and Literature Building, Student Center, 2nd Dormitory, Women's Mo Hyun Dormitory, Men's Mo Hyun Dormitory, Information Building, Natural Science Building, Bar Exam Preparation Hall, Library, Information and Industry Building, Welfare Building, and Center for International Area Studies.

seoul img Seoul Campus The Seoul Campus of HUFS has taken another step toward becoming a more creative global Campus through the completion of the Minerva Complex. The old main hall, which was the first building on the Seoul Campus, holds symbolic significance as it was the main building of HUFS for some 50 years. Through the establishment of the Minerva Complex, the parts of the old main building remaining after demolition work were given renewed symbolic importance through their renovation and transformation into the HUFS Historical Archives Center.

yongin img Global Campus The Global Campus (Yongin) offers a striking contrast to the urban atmosphere of the Seoul Campus. Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city life, the Global Campus is nestled in beautiful Wangsan valley filled with wild flowers and covered with rich foliage. Whereas the Seoul Campus has virtually no more space for new construction, the 2.6 million square meters of the Yongin Campus still has many open sites for future development. At the center of the campus one finds the Myoungsoodang Pond, which lives fully up to its name that means the "pond with clear water." Students can choose to stay in the on-campus dormitory and use numerous on-campus facilities, or they can easily commute via commercial bus lines from Seoul.

yongin img Songdo Campus Under Vision 2016, HUFS is establishing a third global Campus in Songdo, Incheon, in addition to its Seoul Campus and Global Campus(Yongin). The third global Campus in Songdo will serve as a springboard for HUFS to expand throughout the world. After completing the master plan and architectural design work in 2010, HUFS plans to open the Interpretation and Translation Center including a dormitory in 2013 and then open the International Business Center and the Center for Korean Language and Culture in 2016.