Graduate school of education

Graduate school of education The Graduate School of Education was opened in 1981 to produce educational experts who can contribute to the development of nation and human society. It offers master’s degree programs in 23 different majors to train incumbent teachers as well as cultivate newly-qualified educational professionals.
As of March 2007, 2,228 graduates had received their master’s degrees. Working with Korea’s best faculty among all graduate schools of education, which consists of Korean and international professors, and stable and sound education, it has established innovative curriculums by separating the Teacher Advancement Course, which targets incumbent teachers, and the Teacher Cultivation Course, which targets prospective teachers. It also has courses for more specialized advanced academic knowledge and field-oriented learning.

1. Faculty Pak, Shi-Hyeon, Ph.D.(Univ.de Paris VII)French Linguistics, Speaking Theory
Kim, Hae-Dong, Ph.D.(University of Essex)English Education, TESOL
Lee, Yoon, Doctor of Education (Korea National University of Education) Primary English Education
Kim, Young-Rock, Ph.D.(Seoul National University)Algebraic Geometry
Kim, Jae-Wook, Ph.D. (HUFS)Korean Education as a foreign language
Yoo, Jae-Won, Ph.D. (HUFS)Chinese Phonology
Lim, Hyun-Woo, Ph.D.(The University of Georgia)English Education
Lee, June, Ph.D.(Utah State University) Instructional Technology
Lim, Kyung-Soon, Ph.D.(Seoul National University)Korean Language Education
Lee Ji-yeon, Ph. D. (Purdue University), Counseling Psychology
Takanori Hiraki, Ph.D.(HUFS) Japanese pedagogics
Douglas Murray Dickman, M.A. (University of Toronto)Adult Education
Scott Smith, M.A. (School for International Training)TESOL
Jennifer M. Yi, Ph.D.(University of Pittsburgh) Foreign Language (English) Education
James R. Brawn, M.Ed.(University of Texas at Austin)
Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Language and Literacy

2. The Master's Programs General Education/ Korean Language Education/ Teaching Korean as a Foreign
Language/ Chinese Language Education/ Japanese Language Education/ English Language Education/ English Education for Young Learners/ French Language Education/ German Language Education/ Spanish Language Education/ Russian Language Education/ Ethics Education/ Philosophical Education/ History Education/ Social Science Education/ Mathematics Education/ Physics Education/ Chemistry Education/ Business Education/ Computer Education/ Counseling Psychology/ Educational Management and Leadership/ Early Childhood Education/ Physical Education

3. Admission Eligibility Applicants should have a Bachelor's degree, or should be recognized by the Ministry of Education as having the equivalent qualifications

Admission Timetable

To be announced via web site:(http://gse.hufs.ac.kr/)

Admission Requirements

Written tests on the major subjects and foreign language(s) or Oral test (or interview)

4. Requirements for the Master’s Degree are as follows A minimum of 26 credit hours as advised by program supervisor with the minimum grade point average of 3.00 out of the maximum of 4.50 points.

- Two and half years(five semesters) of residence.

- A qualifying examination in 3 selected fields.

- Proficiency test in the foreign language

- A thesis written under the supervision of an advisory professor in the department

- The oral defense of the thesis conducted under a committee of 3 professors.

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